Is your child struggling to learn?  Is dyslexia, autism, ADD/ADHD or another learning disability keeping your child from attaining learning success?  You've come to the right place!  Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California has been providing tutoring that helps students overcome learning disabilities for over twenty years.

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Lisa Harp, a certified teacher whose son struggled with dyslexia, ADD and auditory processing issues, developed the Learning Success Blueprint to help him.  Within one year, he was an honor student!  Since then, the Learning Success Blueprint has helped tens of thousands of struggling students overcome learning challenges such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, and autism.  Students who just need a little brush-up on academics also flourish and quickly reach grade level or higher success.


Because the Blueprint is based on sound research and systematically fills in your child's learning gaps.  By focusing on micro-skills, the Learning Success Blueprint builds a strong learning foundation for your child.  Step-by-step, your child gains key visual, auditory, and memory skills.  These micro-skills build up to the larger component of academics and learning becomes a breeze!


We have students come to our learning centers in the afternoons and early evening...after school so it's convenient for you both.  We also offer earlier classes for students who are home schooled. 



Students all receive a full 60-minute tutoring session that strengthens their visual, auditory, and memory building  skills along with brain integration exercises that build new neural pathways in the brain.  Academics are presented by using unique physical and multi-sensory methodologies that work for the non-traditional learner.  

We focus on movement, color, pictures, rhythm, crossing the mid-line of the body and use a multi-sensory approach so all students can show academic progress. 

Make-up Sessions:

Helping your child overcome a learning disability or improve grades is a process that's a lot like training for a marathon.  Once your child stops making "practice" sessions, improvement halts.  Sometimes, students even fall backward with large lapses of missed times.  That's why we offer make-up sessions if your child is sick or if you're on vacation.  Consistency is the key to success. 

Student Teacher Ratios:

We use small groups to ensure learning and social success.  Our full sixty-minute sessions can have up to three students per teacher.  Students who struggle to do homework or school work independently thrive in this environment where they're allowed to learn at their own pace, receive positive feedback, and are able to fill in learning gaps.  The best part?  Students love sharing a class with other children. They have more fun this way and feel less isolated and persecuted.

Tuition Based Billing:

Our program is set up as a monthly, tuition based billing system.  For your convenience, we offer automatic, recurring billing.  Our prices start at $225.00 per month, depending on how many sessions your child attends.  Call for specials, as we offer them frequently!

Enrollment Fee:

We require a one-time enrollment fee of $65.00.  This ensures your child is entered in our system and that we have everything ready for the first session. 








Moving Through the Program:

Students move through the seven levels of the Learning Success Blueprint at their own pace.  Each level has 20-30 skills and once the student has had ample practice time, she takes a simple micro-skills test.  If your child passes the test, then it's recorded and more difficult skills become your child's focus.


At Harp, we teach to skills mastery.  This ensures that your child's learning foundation is strong before we introduce new skills.  There are seven levels to the Blueprint with 20 to 30 micro-skills at each level.  We use our copyrighted Micro-Skills Evaluation Process to ensure your child reaches skills mastery.  In addition, we're happ to perform an initial learning evaluation to find out where your child's strengths and weaknesses lie.  

Motor Skills:

The lower levels of the Harp Learning System are ripe with motor skills.  Students perform tasks while bouncing on a ball, jumping on a trampoline, or on a balance board.  This helps build the lower levels of your child's learning foundation.  Even athletes and teens are put through our research-driven motor skills activities.  Once they pass all their micro- skills tests, students move to the next level.  

Visual Skills:

In every session, your child will be exposed to a multitude of visual processing skills.  Since 75 to 90% of what we take in is visual, this level is one of our most crucial.  Visual processing skills are what our brain uses to make sense of what we see in the world around us. 


At Harp, we focus on helping your child track his eyes across and up and down a page to help with academic success.  This will affect reading fluency and help with lining up columns for math.  We also focus on skills like visual discrimination, memory, closure, and figure ground.  In addition we work on spatial skills, eye/hand coordination, visual motor integration, and reversals.  

Auditory Skills:

Once key visual skills are in place, we move your child to a more difficult auditory skills emphasis.  Auditory processing skills can interfere with more than learning!  If your child has an auditory processing disorder, she might have temper tantrums or retreat due to intense frustration.   A child with auditory processing difficulties will also present symptoms that are similar to those of ADD/ADHD, so often these children are misdiagnosed and placed on medication instead of dealing with the underlying issue. 

We take your child through a thorough gamut of auditory processing skills, making sure that mastery is taught, of course.  Some of the auditory processing skills we emphasize are auditory memory, closure, synthesis, discrimination, figure ground, and association.  We also have your child work on listening skills and following directions.  In addition, your  child will learn how to tune out pesky background noises so she can focus on the teacher's lecture or assignment. 

Brain Integration:

One thing that's unique to the Harp Learning Institute is the use of brain integration.  Once a week, students receive a complete brain training where new neural pathways are built in the brain.  The integration exercises help your child integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  

Since schools primarily focus on left-brain dominant skills, right-brain dominant learners are left at a huge disadvantage!  These research-driven exercises help your smart child learn to think in a more organized manner so tests are easy to pass and homework can be done easily and independently. 



Your child will perform a host of academic activities while attending Harp.  Academics are taught in a multi-sensory fashion.  We also use color, pictures, movement, patterns, visualization, crossing the mid-line of the body, and rhythm.  This is truly the Harp Difference!

Memory Building:

Most kids who struggle to learn or who have a learning disability have weak visual and auditory memory skills.  At Harp, we start your child at two-digit memory for both auditory and visual memory skills.  Step-by-step, we build up these memory skills until your child can easily process six-digits! 

Visual and auditory memory skills can be taught.  Like practicing for that marathon, your child slowly increases memory muscle so facts, information, and directions can be remembered.  A student who remembers is a student who succeeds!



We now have our program on laptops and tablets for every student to use.   Although we believe that most kids today spend too much time in front of a screen, we also know we have to bridge the gap between antiquated teaching methodologies and savvy students who  flourish with technology.

Academic Ambassador:

Once your child completes all seven levels of the program, he will have the chance to become an Academic Ambassador.  The Academic Ambassador comes in after school to help with the other kids, so of course, behavior and age are a factor, so not everyone qualifies.  

This is a great opportunity for your child to log in volunteer hours that can help with college admission, community service, or religious requirements.

Learning Should Be Fun and Easy!  

The process of learning should come naturally and at a predictable pace.  But for many students, the process of learning just doesn't click.  Sometimes it is actually painful!  That is where an intervention program that systematically fills in missing learning gaps comes into play...the very one we have used for over twenty years at the Harp Learning Institute!

Your child will love coming to sessions at Harp because we make learning fun!  Students are up and down performing a host of physical, sensory, and academic activities.  They play learning games that help with processing speed.  They learn by doing, which for most kids who struggle to learn, is the only way to learn!


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Our tuition based program starts at just $225.00 per month

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