Have Lisa Speak at Your Event!


Lisa believes that knowledge is power.  She also believes that everyone can learn, whether adult or child.  "I'm always reading, taking courses online, or listening to podcasts in order to widen my range of teaching and life skills," Lisa says.  


It's especially important for educators to understand the learning disabled student.  Most people simply don't understand this learner.  Lisa loves sharing tips, advice and ways to help parents, teachers, principals, and students find a road map for learning success.


"I talk to teachers and educators all the time who've never taken a class on the brain.  The same was true for me.  I had two college degrees and hadn't taken a single brain class until I sought it out in the early 1990's," Lisa further explains. 

The brain is where it all takes place!  And yet so many people don't know about the role the brain plays in education.  When Lisa speaks, she' gives a min-lesson on the function of the brain and the importance of brain integration for learning success.  One lucky person gets to be the recipient of a full brain retraining!  

Lisa gives simple explanations for how to implement visual and auditory processing activities and exercises in the classroom or in your home school setting.  You'll receive a packet of useful materials that are easy to use and understand as well as a clear reason for doing them. 







"Lisa has a way of presenting information so you can understand it.  I learned so much in just a short time.  The thing I took home was that a child with a learning difference perceives the world differently.  It doesn't mean it's bad...it's just different." R. McKnight


Common places where Lisa speaks:

  • schools (staff)

  • PTA meetings

  • nonprofit organizations

  • service industries

  • government agencies

  • stroke and brain injury groups

  • clubs

  • autism groups

If you're interested in having Lisa speak at your engagement, fill out the form below, and someone will get back to you to schedule your event.  Keep in mind that Lisa's happy to speak for free within a one to two hour distance from Lodi or Oakdale, but if it's further than that, feels will apply