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Your Child Can Sound Out Words!

The Bravo! Reading Punch Pack is a highly recommended resource to help your child learn to sound out words. The Punch Pack starts with two-letter words to build reading confidence in reluctant or emergent readers.

Your child can sound out words with the Bravo! Punch Pack!

Three-letter words can be extremely difficult for poor readers to blend together, and that’s where the Bravo! Punch Pack comes in, showing your child how to easily sound out words.

With the Punch Pack, kids punch the assigned “letter dots” and then slide them together to blend a small, two-letter word or nonsense word.

Easy Peasy!

Kids love punching letters with dot dabbers and they don’t even know they’re reading, so it’s easy peasy to them! When blending letters is easy and a game, then kids want to stay with it, reveling as they sound out words. And everyone knows that practice makes perfect, as long as it’s the right kind of practice!

If you’re wanting more perfection in your child’s reading, then download the FREE Bravo! Punch Pack and watch as your child’s reading soars, as grades increase, as test scores rise…

The Bravo! Reading Punch Pack helps kids blend two letters together instead of three.  It is a brain based system that helps kids with dyslexia learn to read.
The Bravo! Punch Pack helps kids sound out words by blending two letters together before being introduced to three.

The Bravo! Punch Pack is a great addition to all the Bravo! Reading products! And even better, it sets the stage for happy readers by starting with two letters instead of three. There isn’t confusion this way, and when your child or student gains confidence through a fun, easy way to sound out words, you’ll be bragging about reading scores.

Punch, punch, slide to Sound Out Words!

That’s all there is to it, and your struggling reader will soon be sounding out words with practiced ease because one of the first foundational components of reading is being built.

Neurons that fire together wire together, and each time your child punches at the letter combinations, those neurons fire! Even better, kids love it, and everyone knows that kids keep doing something that’s fun.

Kids, especially those with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and autism love reading when they don’t know they’re reading! And if they have dot dabbers and movement along with color, pictures, and predictability, then the battle is over.

In addition, we know that kids with learning disabilities, especially those with dyslexia, have a more difficult time sounding out words than their non-dyslexic peers. The Bravo! Punch Pack was designed for children with dyslexia and has been used at the Harp Learning Institute for over twenty years with amazing success, especially with non-verbal autistic children.

With Bravo! Reading’s Punch Pack, your reluctant reader will be sounding out words in not time!

No more tears, fights, or whining. Just get out the Punch Pack, and watch your child or student grin from ear to ear while sounding out words with ease and joy!

The Punch Pack works like magic!

Help your child sound out words with Bravo! Reading's free Punch Pack.
The Bravo! Punch Pack helps your child read like magic!

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