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Do you wish there was more for your child than the "old" programs for dyslexia that don't really work?  Do you wish wish your child could have cutting edge strategies that will actually make a difference? 

Do you pray for help for your autistic child, only to find that nothing is done to help him/her overcome learning issues at school?

It's not difficult to help students fill in learning gaps and overcome learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. 


In 2015, a law was passed where all students in America with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia are to be treated at the school level.  Yet, we see this rarely happening. 

(Find the 2015 Dyslexia Law here)

Because of this need, Lisa is now making the Harp Learning System available to all schools so students with learning disabilities can succeed academically and in life.  Students with autism have also found huge success through this sensory-rich program. 

"This program should be in every Special Education classroom in America," Lisa adds.  "Students of all grade levels can show academic growth, which only helps everyone.  An educated student is a future contributing citizen."

Our program has been piloted in many schools throughout the United States and Canada, all with tremendous success.  Students in Special Education classes especially enjoy the activities in the Harp Learning System.  Kids start with basic skills such as visual motor integration and two-digit memory span.  Step-by-step, we build on those strengths until learning becomes easy. 


We keep our prices affordable as well.   "You shouldn't have to mortgage your house to get help for your child or your students," Lisa explains.  

The Harp Learning System is rich in sensory activities that strengthen visual and auditory processing skills.  It also contains key memory building exercises to help kids retain and manipulate information. 

Lisa Harp has invented a way that revolutionizes knowledge and skill acquisition by breaking down the components of learning for each and every child so they can be taught the way they learn - not the other way around.  All too often, teachers are stuck with a one-size-fits all template that is both inflexible and ineffective. 


Lisa Harp has offered us all a way to find a renewed commitment to higher expectations for all students.  Through Ms. Harp's field-tested methodologies based on years of successful experience, special needs students have found a way back into education’s main stream.  Just as importantly, so-called regular students have found a way to excel and go from C's and B's to A's and authentic mastery."

 -Dr.Robert K. Closson, M.B.A., Ed.D, Advocate for Special Needs Students

The Harp Learning System

Level 1:  Yellow

The Yellow Level sets the foundation for learning with a focus on body/brain connection, gross motor skills, eye/hand coordination, and visual motor integration.  Memory building starts with two-digit memory span for both auditory and visual.  Basic visual figure ground, visual discrimination, and auditory discrimination skills are introduced.  Visual closure is a focus in this level to help students fill in gaps for reading, writing, and math facts memorization. 

School License:                 $595.00

Level 2:  Orange

Students continue building a strong learning foundation by refining the Yellow Level's visual and auditory skills.  Spatial skills are stressed along with three-digit memory span for auditory and visual.  Students are introduced to eye patching and tracking exercises to help with reading fluency.  Eye/hand coordination and visual motor integration skills increase in difficulty to help students with writing and reading. 

School License:                 $595.00


Level 3:  Red

The Red Level focuses on visual processing skills such as eye muscle movement, tracking across the page, visual discrimination, visual closure, visual memory, and visual processing skills.  Four digit memory span for visual auditory skills is stressed.  Reversals, sequencing, near and far focusing (accommodation) are introduced to make classroom learning efficient.  Auditory closure is added to the mix of simple auditory processing skills the students are exposed to. 

School License:                 $695.00

Level 4:  Pink

The Pink Level refines previously taught skills and introduces perceptual skills and basic auditory processing skills.  Memory building is stepped up to a five digit span for both visual and auditory. The student learns to attack skills more independently through increase of demand of all previously taught skills.  This level is the true transition level into the next three more difficult levels of the Harp Learning System. 

School License:                 $595.00

Level 5:  Purple

This level transitions the student to more difficult auditory skills that are accentuated in the next two levels.  Auditory skills increase and the student moves to six digit memory span.  By now the student is able to manipulate information in an auditory fashion.  Multi-step thinking and following oral directions is stressed. More difficult visual and auditory processing skills are presented.

School License:                 $595.00

Level 6:  Blue

Blue is the primary auditory processing level of the Harp Learning System.  Students learn to take in information in an auditory fashion and process it efficiently.  Sequential auditory memory is introduced and students build on previously mastered six digit memory span for auditory and visual memory.  Auditory closure and synthesis are stressed while the student gains independence and confidence through heightened processing of information. 

School License:                 $695.00

Level 7:  Green

This level accentuates higher level processing skills to help the student succeed in the classroom.  Executive functioning skills are stressed. Visual and auditory skills are fine-tuned. Students focus on manipulating information so math and algebraic equations can be understood and mastered.  By now, analogies can be mastered with ease.  Reading and comprehension become easier through the ease of processing information.  The student becomes an independent learner. 

School License:                 $695.00

*Levels must be purchased in order.  Ask about our package bundle and save money!

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