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Resources for Learning Disabilities

At Harp Learning Institute, we offer numerous resources for learning disabilities. Following is a synopsis of those resources

Read about Nathan's Story as one of Harp Learning Institute's resources for learning disabilities.

Nathan’s Story:

Enjoy reading the inspirational story of how Lisa Harp, the founder of Harp Learning Institute, went on a mother mission to help her son. Nathan suffered from dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and auditory processing problems. After designing a learning program to help him, he became an honor student in only one year! The same program is being used today, helping tens of thousands of students.

About Us:

Learn about Harp Learning Institute, its staff, and the research-based program that helps every child learn! In addition, find out about the program Lisa created to help her son overcome dyslexia, ADD, and auditory processing problems. The same program is still being used as an effective resource for learning disabilities.

Learning Evaluation:

Discover how your child learns and find indications of learning disabilities. For only $69.00, you can instantly find out how your child learns, if dyslexia or other learning disabilities are at play, and what to do to help your child overcome these learning issues. The Harp Learning Institute Learning Evaluation is one of our fantastic resources for learning disabilities!

Our Program:

Find out about the learning program that makes Harp Learning Institute so amazing! You’ll discover how our program can help your child and consequently raise grades. Once your child has a strong learning foundation, then it’s easy to “make the grade”.

Read about some of Harp Learning Institute's success stories and how they are a valuable resource for learning disabilities.

Success Stories:

Meet a few of the students who have attended Harp Learning Institute throughout the years. In addition, read about their interests, their learning disabilities, and how they overcame them. It’s always nice hearing a success story of any kind, and these kiddos overcame a lot!

We’re very proud of them!

Discover the research behind Harp Learning Institute's program and how it is an awesome resource for learning disabilities.


Feel free to peruse some of the research used and applied to the creating of the program and exercises used at Harp Learning Institute. It’s always nice to discover the practical ins and outs behind what we do.

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