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Pyramids for Spelling and Reading Practice

Does your child struggle to spell words?  How about practicing for those weekly spelling tests?  Is the fight on…or are you met with tears when the test is handed back?

Was the score a disaster, no matter how hard your little one practiced?  How about transferring spelling into writing?  Is that a mystery as well?

It’s heartbreaking to watch your child struggle each week, to put in the time practicing for that weekly spelling test, only to get it back with a bad score.  It’s time to turn those frowns into smiles!

Kids who struggle to spell are usually right-brain dominant, hands-on learners, and the way they practice for those weekly spelling tests can make a huge difference in their spelling success.

One activity we’ve found a lot of success with is the Spelling Pyramid. 

Here’s how it works:

– Write the first spelling word at the bottom of a piece of paper or a blank index card.  Make a pyramid shape.  Or you can use the following template.

-Have your child or student write the spelling word on the bottom of the pyramid.

-From there, your child systematically writes the word only takes away one letter at a time while moving up the pyramid.

-By taking away letter at a time, your child is able to break down the word into small, digestible chunks.

-Once one word is practiced, move on to the next word.

-We’ve found that by adding different colors – for instance writing each letter of the word in a different color – helps those right-brained spellers do better.

-You can have your child move up and down pyramids. For instance, you can reverse the order where you start at the top and add letters as you go.

Following is a completed pyramid, using a student’s name.  You can actually practice vocabulary words, math facts, or any other “memory-based” activity. 

Pyramids are especially beneficial for kids with memory or learning disabilities, as they build on previously learned material, which gives the speller a sense of success.  

Spelling pyramid like those used at Harp Learning Institute.

And we all know that success breeds success!

If you’re looking for some ready-made pyramids, you can go to: Teachers Pay Teachers

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