TouchTile Math Multiplication Facts

TouchTile Math Multiplication Facts

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Our TouchTile Math multiplication facts memorization system has kids learning facts in as little as days or weeks.  By catering to the kinesthetic, right-brain learner, the once horrid chore of memorizing facts becomes easy. 


Kids use color and movment to set in multiplication facts and don't complain because they aren't being "forced" to memorize.  This system caters to kids with learning disabilities, but it works for everyone.  


Our technique of hidden digits spans helps students with memorization issues, as it gives extra components that other systems don't, making the process easier.  Also, most systems take away the answer, and the student rarely associates the number combinations that belong together, making memorization a battle. 


We slowly wean the student off the numbers combinatons so association can be used, only taking the answer away once the student has proven to know the math fact.  This helps reluctant learners and gives them strategies for success. 


Our system will show your child the six ways to make facts stick in a fun way.  When kids are having fun, they learn with ease!  


Throw out those flash cards, becauser that's how left-brain dominant kids learn and teach your kids important multiplication facts the easy way.  When multiplication facts are memorized, higher-level math skills and computation can be mastered. 

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