Free to Read Strategic Decoding System

Free to Read Strategic Decoding System


Does your child guess at words instead of sounding them out?  Is reading fluency a chore?  Then the Free to Read Strategic Decoding System is just what you need. 


Discover the five decoding methods that will help your child sound out words with sound strategies.  The Free to Read System is based on sound Orton-Gillingham research and uses color, movement, and our copyrighted mark and slide technique.  


A multi-sensory approach to reading is what kids with dyslexia or other reading issues need to help them read with ease.  The Free to Read System uses patterns so the child can internalize difficult reading and spelling rules.  The natural rhythm of language can be attained while reading confidence is built. 


This system is for children who already know how to read and who are struggling to sound out words and have poor reading fluency.  Your child will soon master difficult variants to rules and will be reading multi-sensory words with confidence in no time at all.  

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