Dysgraphia Learning System Level 1

Dysgraphia Learning System Level 1


Our Dysgraphia Learning System takes your child back to basic skills that are crucial in developing adequate writing skills.  Although your child won't be doing any actual writing in our Level 1 program, important skills that build a writing foundation are stressed. 


We have your child developing visual motor integration skills, perceptual skills, spacial skills, eye/hand coordination, fine motor skills, and visual discrimination in a fun, quick paced program.  In addition, your child will work on proper pencil grip and build muscle strength used in writing. 


This program will show you the seven ways to make writing easy in a quick-paced format.  Even better, since this is not an academic-based program, kids love doing it, and this helps change the child's negative view of writing into a positive one. 


When kids love to write, they will do it more!


This program can be used for kids of any age who struggle with writing, whether a preschooler or a high school student.  These exercises have been used in the Harp Learning Isntitute learning centers for over twenty years with massive success!


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