Auditory Processing Program

Auditory Processing Program


Help your child overcome auditory processing issues that interfere with life and academic success.  With as little as fifteen minutes a day, you'll help your child process auditory information like never before.  We'll show you the five methods to fill in listening gaps in our easy to use format.  


With our Auditory Processing Program, following directions will be a breeze, and your child will learn how to hold auditory information in the brain.  You'll find the three best ways to make information stick, which in turn helps focusing issues. 


If your child or student struggles to remember what the teacher said or can't remember simple directions, this program will step-by-step teach these skills.     


When your child has temper tantrums over school or homework, it's usually related to auditory processing problems.  If reading comprehension is the problem, our multi-pronged approach will teach your child how to overcome the frustrations of an auditory-based learning issue.  

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