Why Academics Alone Aren’t the Answer!

Have you hired a tutor for your child, only to find that your child makes progress as long as the tutor is available?  The minute that the tutoring ends, does your child regress academically?  Or have you worked and worked with your child at home, only to find the same results – the minute you think your child can handle the academic workload alone, he/she falls apart and you are back to square one?


This is because your child is not being taught in a way that he/she understands and that the cause of the problem has not been dealt with.  In order for your child to become an independent learner, something that is crucial to academic success, your child must be able to do two things:

  1. The student must be able to learn efficiently by not having gaps in the learning foundation.

  2. Understand what is being taught and apply it to academics.

Most kids who struggle academically just aren’t being taught in a way that they understand.  For instance, most struggling students do not learn best through visual or auditory channels, and because of this they struggle to understand and apply what the teacher has taught them.  Because of this, they are unable to carry it over to academics.  So, a three pronged approach needs to take place.

  1. Fill in the missing learning gaps.

  2. Teach the students academics in a way that he/she can understand, generally with a multi-sensory focus.

  3. Use and apply current brain research to build new neural pathways in the brain to make learning efficient.

Once again, never give up hope!  There is help available for your kids, but pounding them with more academics that didn’t work all day at school isn’t the answer!  You must break those academics into smaller components and then slowly go back and build up the student’s learning foundation.   Step-by-step it can be done!

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