Whole Brain Thinking – The Key to Learning Success!

The brain is an amazingly complicated organ, but unfortunately, it is fraught with potential areas of disconnect.  And, in order to learn effectively, students must be able to access both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  This is called “whole brain” thinking. No wonder so many students struggle with learning differences!

If your child is struggling in school, most likely he/she isn’t being taught in a way that works best for his/her learning style and brain dominance.  He/she just learns differently, and probably thinks differently.   And, most likely, some of the above mentioned skills are weak, making whole brain thinking and learning even more difficult.


The crux of the problem isn’t that these kids struggle to learn and think with all of their brains. If schools could teach to the right side of the brain as well as the left, many students would succeed without interventions. Unfortunately, our schools are currently asking primarily left-brain thinking skills of our students.

These are skills like logic, linear thinking, math, phonics, lists, categories, and step-by-step thinking.  If your child is right-brain dominant, this can be difficult to say the least!  Then, if your child is a tactile, hands-on learner, school is really difficult, because most of what is presented at school is done in an auditory and sometimes visual manner.

Have you tried and tried to teach your child to read through phonics, and it just didn’t work?  Is math a struggle no matter what you do?  Probably your child is right- brain dominant, where he/she learns best through movement, color, pictures, rhythm, music, shapes, and whole picture thinking.

There are ways to help a student be “whole-brained”!  Current brain research is better than ever.  The only thing we have to do is use what the researchers have found and apply it to learning!  Academic success soon follows.

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