Visual Processing Problems Affect Learning Success

Can you imagine seeing the world as if it were tilted?  Perhaps upside down?  How about spinning constantly?  So many children (and adults) view the world this way.  And the sadness of it is that they know nothing different, because they were born this way.


If you viewed the world this way, can you imagine what it would be like to try to read?  The words would be moving or tilted as well.  The amount of energy you would need to perform a simple task would be astronomical.  And then, you would be told to try harder.  Practice more.  Do the same thing over and over again that wasn’t working to begin with.

Finally, the thought that you were dumb might kick in.  When you were retained, perhaps.  Or when you were held after school for more reading practice.  Or when you went to a special class and the other kids made fun of you. 

Living in a world with visual processing disorders is real.  These kids are up against a lot, and I am always amazed at how well they actually do.  How hard they try. How willing they are to please.

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