Tutoring Changes the Physical Structure of the Brain!

Did you know research indicates that tutoring can provide essential help for students suffering from dyscalculia, or a “math dyslexia”?  It only makes sense. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that individualized attention can make a difference with students suffering from learning disabilities.  An appropriate learning environment makes all the difference for these kiddos.

Two studies back this up!

One double-blind study used fifteen children with learning disabilities and fifteen without to determine if math tutoring helped.  Of course, the study revealed that those with one-on-one tutoring significantly helped math production, output, and understanding.  This in turn, related to achieving long-term success in their lives and in their careers as they grew older. 

This learning foundation made a difference!

This, in turn, helped these students achieve long-term success in their lives and in their careers as they grew older. This math foundation made a difference!Another, larger Stanford study discussed in Tutoring Changes the Brain in Kids with Math Learning Sisabilities also supports this. Before tutoring began, MRI scans were given to two groups of thirty third graders. Not surprisingly, the group of thirty students with math learning disabilities had abnormal function in a network of brain areas involved in solving numerical problems. This included the parietal, prefrontal and ventral temporal-occipital areas of the brain. The students without math learning disabilities didn’t reveal these issues, and consequently, weren’t provided with one-on-one math tutoring. The thirty students with math disabilities, as revealed by these brain scans, were given one-on-one tutoring.

Through the tutoring sessions, the pace was adjusted to the student’s need and the child’s specific math needs were addressed. To this old and experienced teacher, this is just…basic teaching. But (sigh) in a crowded classroom, these important teaching skills are often overlooked.

Here’s the kicker!

At the end of the two month study, the researchers performed the MRI scans again, and the differences between the two groups’ brain scans disappeared.  The second brain scans revealed similar brain structure to those without learning disabilities!  And of course, the group of children with math learning disabilities showed marked improvement in math skills.

It physically changed their brains!

The brain never fails to amaze me!

Our online tutoring sessions can change the physicality of your child’s brain by not only providing one-on-one tutoring but by using research backed brain integration methodologies!

By the way, we’re having awesome success with our online Zoom tutoring sessions, something we just started offering after COVID-19 hit. 

We’ve been blown away at how successful the sessions have been for most of our kiddos, and we’ve had many who chose to stay with this format after we were able to reopen.

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, call (209)365-0950.  

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