They Said She Couldn't Learn!

I know what it’s like to have a child struggle in school. Years ago in the early 1990’s, my son had a hard time learning. He kept falling further and further behind, and I was being pressured to medicate him for ADD. I was a teacher, and I couldn’t help him! It was one of the most puzzling, frustrating, and scary times of my life.

He had a happy ending. I went on a mother mission to help him learn. I researched, took classes, and looked at life and learning from his perspective. Within a year of the activities I put together, he was an honor student!

Other students followed, and now I’ve helped tens of thousands of students overcome learning disabilities. I vividly remember one fourth-grade girl named Bethany. Her mom called me in distress. Bethany was in special education, and the professionals at her school told her that Bethany had…topped out…that she wouldn’t advance beyond a second-grade level.

Bethany was seriously behind. She didn’t know letter sounds and couldn’t blend three letters together. We set to work with unique and different activities that would help her learn. A dose of more academics wasn’t what she needed, as that had done nothing to help her! This little lady had some serious visual and auditory issues as well as dyslexia, but oh, how she worked. There were days when I thought she’d give up, but Bethany plugged along. I’ll never forget her face when two years later she was reading at a seventh-grade level! If your child is behind in school and you’re being told about limits, don’t despair. There are always things that can be done to help your child overcome learning issues. Unique learners need a different system, a different approach. They can’t learn with traditional methods, but that’s okay….if you know a different method! Bethany graduated high school. I lost track of her family after that, but I’ll take a high school diploma over a second-grade limitation any day! If your child is struggling, don’t despair. There’s always hope.

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