The Stress of Dyslexia

Do you know someone with dyslexia?  One out of five people in the world have dyslexia.  This common condition can be exhausting, terrifying, and extremely stressful.

Kids with dyslexia struggle to perceive information correctly.  They have both visual and auditory deficiencies that interfere with learning, although they have normal or above IQ’s.


Dyslexia students suffer in many more ways than just reading

Students with dyslexia have minds that have a difficult time interpreting written language.  Often, they have high vocabularies, which makes it frustrating for parents and teachers, as expectations are high.

So what are some signs of dyslexia:

1.  Below grade level reading and spelling after at least one year of instruction.

2.  Difficult time tying shoes.

3.  Clumsy and unorganized.

4.  Smart but failing in certain subjects.

5.  Verbal but have a difficult time with written work and spelling.

6.  Messy writing and artwork.

7.  Low self-confidence.

8.  Directionality issues – left and right.

9.  Letter/number reversals

10. Reading by guessing instead of sounding out.

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