The Right-Brain Learner…There’s Nothing Wrong With This Kid!

Is your child creative and thoughtful?  Is she active and has great rhythm, perhaps excelling in dance?  How about a daydreamer?  Is he always drawing and doodling?  Or is she highly attracted to color?

Most likely your child is right-brain dominant.  This is a good thing, as through history, it has been the ability to access these very gifts that have made inventors and famous artists out of people.

The problem?  Our schools today are extremely left-brain dominant.  Phonics, bit by bit learning, math, and logic comprise most of a student’s school day.


If your child is right-brain dominant, then this makes for a long day.  These kids don’t learn through phonics and “drill and kill” worksheets.  They learn with movement and color.


When was the last time you were in a classroom where the kids are up and moving?  It’s been a while for me.


We have turned our beautiful, right-brain thinkers into thinking something is wrong with them.  There is nothing wrong with them and a lot wrong with our school system.  Art and sports programs are being cut.  So are Vo-Tech programs.  These are the very avenues in which a right-dominant learner excels.

So, if you think your child is right-brain dominant, don’t buy into medications to make him focus or believing anybody who thinks something is wrong with her.

New neural pathways can be formed at any time in a person’s life, and the best gift you can give your child is that of being a whole brain learner!

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