The Body Brain Connection…Is it ReallyADD?

The body and the brain are a reciprocal feedback system.  They need to communicate with each other, and what one does affects the other. Sadly, students with learning differences rarely get the opportunity to get out of their seats and connect their bodies with their brains.  They are usually punished, either for bad behavior or for not finishing assignments, and they miss important recess time.

They are also usually diagnosed as ADD/ADHD, when the test for this “disorder” is so subjective that if you followed me around for a day, if you had to fill out the checklist for me, then I would certainly qualify as having symptoms of ADD/ADHD.  I have a tendency to be unable to sit still.  I always have.  Thank goodness I wasn’t put on harsh medications when my young brain was forming!


There is no blood test for ADD/ADHD, no definitive measure.  There are so many things that could affect this diagnosis.  A bad day,  upheaval in the home, poor social skills, food allergies, dyslexia, visual processing disorders, or auditory processing disorders.

A pill will not help any of this!  So, before you put your child on medication, before you rush out as an educator and join the ADD/ADHD bandwagon, please stop and think.  It may be the easiest route, but is it the best?

Get those kids moving, especially young children!

My grandson, who is six came over last night, full of energy and excitement.  Instead of fussing with him, I simply said, “Go take your laps, Landon.”  He raced outside, ran full speed ahead around our previously laid out circuit, and came running in, breathless, happy, and able to listen and have fun.

We were all happy.  Without any pills.

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