Technology Against the Real Thing

I admit it.  Now that I’m babysitting Morgan a few days a week, it’s so easy to hand her an Ipad and let her tune into some educational games.  I will get busy with work, and then I’ll notice that it’s been hours.  Of my precious, precocious, delightful granddaughter staring at a screen.


This is everything I’ve fought against.  Railed against.  Begged you all NOT to do.  And, here I am, on my high horse and letting Morgan succumb to the lure of electronics.  Oh, I’ve made every excuse in the book.  I’m busy.  If she went to daycare it would be worse.  I only buy educational games.  It’s good for her thinking skills.  She’s already smart enough…

Is anybody ever smart enough?

Apparently, I am not.


One day not long ago, as we were ready to head to work, Morgan was intent on a Lego app on the Ipad.  I glanced down at the floor where tons of REAL Legos sat untouched.  Whatever happened to sitting on the floor and building stuff?  Could it have something to do with all the learning problems we deal with?

Another day she worked at an app where she planted and watered a virtual garden.  I stared out the window at my garden and pondered why she preferred the app version over the real thing because I distinctly recall the holes Morgan dug in the garden and how I tenderly stuck a vegetable plant in it.

Where do we stop this nonsense?

Or do we even try?

Is it all too big for us to even try?

I can’t answer for you, but I made a decision to monitor Morgan’s Ipad time when she’s with me.  For the past two days, after work, we went to a park.  I brought some work and watched her shriek and scream in glee with other children.

Believe me, it made me happier than watching her play another Paw Patrol game on the Ipad.  And, it wasn’t even that hard.

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