Summer…a Critical Time for Learning Success!

It’s easy to get caught up in summer fun and forget about academics.  But all too soon the new school year will be upon us, and struggling students feel the fear of a new classroom, teacher, set of rules, and sadly, not performing as well as their peers.

Summer is a natural time to enhance learning for many reasons.  Following are several of them.  As you read through them, try to think about how you can incorporate academics into your daily routine without “drill and kill” worksheets and workbooks.


2.)  It is a time for new experiences, which can kick start the brain out of the academic doldrums that too many students suffer from.

3.)  Confidence can be built up step-by-step.

4.)  Gross motor skills and core strengthening exercises can be built up outside or even in the living room, which in turn, build a stronger learning foundation.

5.)  Learning can be fun!  It is a fantastic time to take a different approach to learning.  Get the body involved with math and reading!  Have your child take nature hikes and write about what is seen.

6.)  Kids learn better when nature is involved, so get those kids outside and plan ways to incorporate academics, such as skip counting twigs and leaves or pitching a tent and having a “read-a-thon”.  The possibilities are endless!

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