Six Tips for Summer Learning

Summer can be a great time to catch up on learning. But if you have a child who is a unique learner, it the exercises you choose must be beneficial. More of the same that didn’t work all year at school will only give you an angry, frustrated child.

And nobody wants that!

Here are six fun ways to help your child this summer:

1. Involve the body – kids love to move if you let them. And, most unique learners rely on movement to help them learn because their visual and auditory learning systems are usually compromised. It’s easy to make up learning games with movement. For instance, if your unique learner needs work on multiplication facts, then you can have him do jumping jacks, hop on one foot, punch the air, etc. to every fact you call out.

2. Set a schedule – routine is important. If your child needs to work on reading every day, then be consistent about the time and activities you have her do.

3. Use unique activities. Doing more of the same that didn’t work all school year isn’t going to help your child. For instance, a weak reader can’t be expected to read “more” in the hope that practicing without specific decoding instruction is going to help. Poor habits just get ingrained this way.

4. Get outside if possible – these kids have been cooped up more than usual this past year. An outing to a park with picnic tables can be a fun way to add a few skills. Fresh air is always good!

5. Have your child do body/brain connection activities like Brain Gym. These activities in themselves won’t correct learning issues, but they can set the groundwork for higher-level learning. Cross crawls and backward cross crawls are especially helpful.

6. Water is always a winner – spray bottles for hand control, jumping in the water to syllables, infinity signs in the air with the hose…the list goes on if you set your mind to it.

With a little creativity, kids will be learning and not even know it…and that’s the best type of learning!

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