Natural Help for Aggression and Focusing

Topical Lemon Balm Might Help Kids Stay Focused and Help with Agitation!

Our minds respond to sights and sounds, but they also respond to scents. In my almost forty years of being an educator, I've noticed that kids with learning issues seem to be especially sensitive to scents.

So why not use it to your favor...or theirs?

A group of Japanese researches recently conducted a study with Alzheimer's patients. They wanted to see if certain smells could lead to a "nerve rebirth" for these patients. After all, it was believed that the Alzheimer's patients had incurred irreversible loss of neurons, so what harm could it cause?

For this study, the researchers had caregivers rub a lemon-balm infused lotion on the arms and face of patients twice a day. After four weeks, significant improvement was seen in agitation, shouting, screaming, and physical aggression.

Well...this last part made me think of most homework sessions parents have with kids who struggle in school.

I have no idea if this could help with kids with learning issues, so I interviewed Brandy Lierman, a massage therapist and certified cranial sacral therapist who regularly deals with students struggling to learn.

Brandy says she's had astounding effects of using lemon balm for students with attentional and behavioral issues. She suggests rubbing a small amount of the oil in the palms of their hands and teaching them to cup their hands when they get stressed or can't seem to focus. Or, she said you can use a diffusor in the room where they're doing homework or schoolwork.

Of course, you should always check with your child's doctor before trying any of these treatments, but I wanted to share with you a possibility of helping your child focus or become less agitated during stressful school sessions.