Jacob Today!

          For a while I kept up with Jacob’s progress, talking occasionally to Michelle or meeting her for lunch.  But life pulls you in so many directions and so many things can change that it is easy to lose touch.

           The last time I heard from Michelle, Jacob was back at his first private school, the first one that was so rigorous academically and where he failed miserably.  I can’t help but remember how Michelle pulled him out of the school, the ultimate sadness that overtook her entire world.   And his.

           Jacob finally went back to this school in the sixth grade after spending two years at the “temporary” school. By last report, he was in the eighth grade, preparing for high school.  He was receiving straight A’s. 

          65 one hour sessions for success.  Straight A’s.  From a student who was failing school.    Not bad!   Jacob’s future is bright indeed!

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