Jacob’s Learning Success

Jacob Day 10

Today Jacob isn’t waiting for me.  He seems to have his own agenda upstairs.  Michelle is proud once again.  She tells of Jacob winning an award for being on the ski team.  It was an accomplishment award, something only two people on the team received. Jacob has never received an award for anything before.

I often find that with brain integration, sports, coordination, and other non-academic skills improve.  Sometimes, kids who have wet the bed suddenly stop after a few weeks of intervention.

A confident, tall boy strides out to greet me.  I stop and wonder, “Is this the kid I met a couple of months ago?”  He seems to be filling out and growing.  It’s amazing what can happen when the immense pressures of school are released and a child is allowed to get out of “fight or flight”.

We get right to work, and every activity seems fairly easy for Jacob. I am amazed at his progress.  It’s time for me to step it up a notch, so I show him a more difficult game to play.  He’s not real thrilled about this, but masters it easily enough.  He chit-chats with me easily now as he performs his activities, which is huge progress.  Before, he had to focus on just one thing at a time, which isn’t very useful if a child is to reach learning success.

During our session, Jacob makes it clear that he is hungry and can’t keep going without some food.  His mom comes and prepares a snack for him.  This may not seem significant to most people, but it is.  Jacob has felt powerless for so long, and now he is finding his power – power to learn and power to voice his opinions and needs. He is no longer willing to sit quietly and suffer as before. 

Before I leave for the day I get out a third-grade level reading passage for Jacob to read to me.  I’m not sure how he’ll do, because up until now the only academic material I’ve given him has been below grade level.  I expect the worst, thinking I will have to give him a different, lower level.

I listen as he reads and about fall out of my chair.  He reads the passage fluently and easily with only three mistakes.  He even sounds out the word Wimbledon. Wow, in only two months this kid is reading at grade level!  I know that there is still a huge journey ahead of us – continuing to improve reading skills, writing, math, spelling, but for this moment in time, I just want to bask in the glory of it all.

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