Jacob is Reading Harry Potter!

Jacob Day 6

When I arrive a bit late at Jacob’s house today (that San Francisco traffic is terrible), Michelle is bursting with joy and pride.  Jacob has been reading willingly and with less struggle.  “He’s reading Harry Potter,” she proudly states.  She looks like a peacock strutting around the coop.  I nod happily.

Jacob does seem to be responding well to his treatment – better than most.  I can’t take full credit.  Michelle has diligently been having Jacob perform the home exercises I have assigned. Also, I explain to Michelle that this is week six, and that is where I usually see a jump in reading and academic scores (when consistency is applied, which with Jacob, it definitely is…on my part as well as his mom’s).

Jacob creeps downstairs and hides from me.  He jumps out from behind the couch as I pretend to look for him, a game we have created. He loves games.  He is smiling when I find him and then stops with a pensive stare and asks, “Where have you been?  I’ve been waiting for you.”  I explain about the San Francisco traffic, and he knowingly accepts this excuse.  I of course, feel guilty, for making this special little guy wait for me.  I promise to leave earlier next week.

Jacob has the sillies today.  He doesn’t really want to work – he just wants to play.  I get him going on his activities and I notice right away that I am hardly redirecting him like I was before.  He does the Magic Eights activity easily and quickly. He whizzes through his eye tracking sheet, something that a few weeks ago was brutally difficult for him.

And, to top it off, this little guy has really warmed up to me.  He calls me “girlfriend” and “babycakes”. My heart melts as I laugh at him.  He always has a story to tell, a game to share, or a new adventure to tell me about.  He loves hearing stories about my life, asking me questions about my children and the animals we have.  He is especially interested in our motorhome, thinking it would be his life’s dream to take a motorhome trip.  This is a boy who has grown up taking trips to Europe, but, ahhh, the lures of a motorhome!

 As I get up to leave, I watch him flit away.  He is happy and smiling, the somber expression that filled his face on day one gone.  I have enjoyed these past few weeks.  But I know that with a dyslexic student, there will always be a fall after a rise.  Too soon we will find that out. 

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