Jacob is on Fire…Academically!

Jacob…entering the final days

These days with Jacob are a blur.  He is on fire academically and seems to have moved through the auditory processing skills that have been such a hurdle for him to overcome.  He is easy to work with and Michelle is happy.  She struts around like a proud mother hen, relating what Jacob has recently accomplished. 

          We have been focusing on math.  Jacob can now do long division.  He knows all of his multiplication facts and can do word problems, something that has always tripped him up. He is at grade level in every subject now. He watches and focuses, wanting, almost begging to learn.  He smiles a lot. 

          I talk to Michelle about ending our sessions.  Jacob is doing well in school and has moved through almost all of the skills of the Harp program.  We continue to work on academics as well as higher level thinking skills.  Jacob’s auditory memory and visual memory skills are now strong.  He can reason through problems, whether academic or not, and is able to learn new information easily.

          Michelle is nervous about quitting the sessions.  She is afraid that Jacob will have another relapse or fall apart without me.  I reassure her that if this happens I am a phone call away.

          Jacob has become a “book worm”.  I arrive one day to hear Michelle call out to him, “Get your nose out of that book and get over here.  Miss Lisa is here.”

          I laugh, remembering the little boy who struggled to read and refused to read unless made to do so.  Jacob is now reading the last Harry Potter book and is asking my advice for another book series that might interest him.  We talk about some options.

          Michelle and I agree to keep the sessions going for a while so that I can offer academic support if needed, but we all know the end is coming, and it is bittersweet.

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