It’s Just Survival…

Kids with dyslexia stumble over words.  They guess at words.  They pull their hair out while they read.  Their stomachs hurt.

They slouch over their desks, often tilting their paper.  That’s because they don’t perceive the world as we do.

Words and letters might be fuzzy, moving, at a slant, or even upside down.

They might hear only one part of a word, or a jumble of sounds.  They might hear a computer whirring away in the background as loud as a jet plane.  Or they might not have a filter…all of the noises of the house or the classroom closing in on them like a bursting thunderstorm.


Kids with dyslexia are smart.  They might trick you into thinking their work is done.  You might think it’s a lie, but to them, it’s survival.

They might cheat or go to the bathroom 55 times.  You might think they’re misbehaving, but to them it’s just survival.

Kids with dyslexia might wiggle in their seats.  You might think they have ADD/ADHD and place them on harsh medications they don’t need.  To them, wiggling is survival.

You might think a child with dyslexia is lazy because he zones out.  She doesn’t finish her homework.  He sneaks off from the kitchen table and finds his Legos.  She smiles sweetly but doesn’t get a single word on her page in three hours.  You just told him what the letter A says and when you ask him, he shrugs his shoulders as if he’s never seen the letter A.

They aren’t lazy.  They’re just surviving.

You might think there isn’t help for dyslexia.  But there is.

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