I can only imagine.

So poignant! If only everybody could empathise with an autistic child and stop to think how their world is perceived. It hurts thinking about it!

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​Everyday I try to see the world through her eyes.

To see through her confused senses.

I try, so hard, everyday.. ….but I know I can’t come anywhere near to imagining how hard it is for her.

I can only imagine: How seeing hurts her eyes. How from the moment she wakes the colours are so bright they burn. How it can all get so much her vision temporarily switches itself off. How the colours bleed into each other. How so very bright everything is.

I can only imagine: How hearing hurts her ears. The sounds banging on her ear drums. How she hears so many sounds at once that she can’t pick out each one. How it merges into one constant loud noise. How it can make her drop to her knees, hands over her ears. How so very loud it is. …how she cannot bear loud noises, but…

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