Gross Motor Skills Affect Learning Success!

Humans learn from the “outside” in.  That means that gross motor skills need to be in place before fine motor skills such as writing or copying from the board can be used effectively.

Sadly, most children today are placed in academic kindergartens where they don’t get proper gross motor skills practice.  They are made to sit at desks instead of painting, marching, singing, and other large body movement activities.  Their bodies and brains are not allowed to connect because they are sitting all day long instead of moving.


The body and the brain are connected!

Gross motor skills are important for major body movements, such as walking, jumping, maintaining balance, coordination, and reaching for objects.  And, gross motor abilities share connections with other physical functions.  A student’s ability to maintain upper body support will affect his/her ability to write.  Writing is a fine motor skill, but in order for fine motor skills to be in place, gross motor skills must be strong!

Students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia as well as other learning disabilities need to be up and moving, getting that body and brain connected if learning success is to be met!  So get those kids out of those chairs and get moving!

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