Grandmas Worry, Too

Morgan is four years old…full of herself, rambunctious, lively, and has a vocabulary that amazes anybody she meets.  She’s agile, can count perfectly into the twenties, can judge bigger from smaller, pick out colors and write with a perfect pencil grip.

So why would I worry?

Why should anyone worry when a learning disability hasn’t even presented itself yet?

It would seem like we are looking for reasons to worry, those of us who are moms or grandmas, dads, and even grandpas.  Aunts and uncles.  Friends…

Morgan is fine.  I keep telling myself that.


But she won’t show any interest in letters at all.  Numbers fascinate her, keep her engaged for longer than most preschoolers can stay on task.  But when she encounters a letter, she turns her nose up like she’s been offered green beans.  She hates green beans!

I know better than to force these letters at her, but I can go through my memory bank and remember her dad at the same age.  By all signs, he was presenting himself as a gifted child…high vocabulary, love for math and numbers, excellent problem solving skills.   But letters?  They were like tuna casserole to him.  You guessed it.  He hates tuna casserole.

Should I worry?  After all, this is my profession.  I should know what to do.

Here’s what I found out.  When it’s your child…your grand child, sometimes you’re paralyzed.  Sometimes you want an answer.  Right now.  Sometimes you don’t know what to do.

I know there aren’t any answers except to use the wait and see approach.  But, I enrolled her in Harp.  It’s better to nip this in the bud now than to keep waiting.

And worrying…

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