Five Ways to Help with Writing this Summer

Summer is upon us with a least it is here in Northern California. What a fantastic time to help your child develop stronger writing skills! I remember when my son struggled in school, especially with writing. The Phoenix summers were brutal, so it wasn't a big stretch to have him sit at the kitchen table and work on writing skills before he could play with his friends.

Following is a list of activities that can help your child this summer. The great part is that none of it involves much time or effort! 1. Create and Write - come up with a quick art project and have your child write about it. Ownership of the topic your child writes about makes it easier to write. Even better, art projects help with fine motor skills and visual motor integration. It's easy to find art activities online.

2. Read and Write - find an interesting and age-appropriate book to read aloud to your child. Read a page or short passage and have your child paraphrase what was read - first orally and then in writing. Paraphrasing is hard for kids with learning issues, but if you break it down into these easy chunks, it helps with not only writing but reading comprehension. 3. Make it Routine - by putting writing into your summer schedule, it will be part of your child's routine. As simple as it sounds, kids do best with this. If they know they get video games after writing in their journal, then you'll get more out of them.

4. Find Summer Programs - most schools or cities have programs that involve teaching or perfecting writing. Because there are other children involved, kids are usually more than happy to attend.

5. Immerse Your Child In Language - language is part of writing and can't be taught in isolation. Immerse your child with books, poetry, stories, read aloud books, or videos of teachers reading to students. All too often unique learners were delayed in language development and respond to immersion positively when they have a broader learning base than they did as a toddler when this should have happened.

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