Dyslexia and Prison

Did you know that 48% of the prison population in the United States has dyslexia?

Ouch!  That one hurts.  I don’t have to ask myself why.  Dyslexic children are smart, often boasting of higher than average intelligence.  Because of this, they are fully aware of how they aren’t pulling the grades that other kids are.  And because of this, they often become “con” artists.

Prison and Dyslexia

Is this where any dyslexic child should end up?

This is the kid who clowns around in front of the class so he doesn’t have to practice his spelling words, or God forbid, read out loud.  This is the girl who might be the “queen” of the playground, perhaps turning nasty because she fails school.  It might be the boy who is constantly tripping or falling so that nobody knows how “dumb” he is.  This girl might zone out and stare into space when called upon.  In her mind, she’s thinking, “You can make me sit here, but you can’t make me talk.”

This boy might have been placed on harsh ADD/ADHD medications at a young age and learned to turn to drugs to cope with life skills.  This girl might succumb to peer pressure to be accepted and start smoking marijuana at a young age.  It sure beats being called stupid.

It’s the boy who loses his homework assignments on purpose.  The girl who figures out how to be charming to get what she wants.  This boy might excel at sports and bully someone for answers on a test.  This girl might learn to copy answers from a neighbor’s test.

The list goes on.

Estimated prison costs in America range from $20,000 per year to over $40,000 per year.  That adds up.  Nobody seems upset by this, but if someone were to invest $20,000 per year for a dyslexic child to get help, storms would brew.  The indignation would be high.  The battle would be on.

A ruined life is just that…ruined.

Let’s put our money into rehabilitation.  Before it becomes to incarceration.


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