Dysgraphia…Really Just a Nuisance!

Recently I gave some motor dysgraphia tips to help your child or student write better.  I hope that they helped!

Dysgraphia is a multi-faceted problem.  I hate to think of it as a disorder, because I think it is more of a controllable and correctable nuisance!

After the student’s hand and fingers are strengthened, this takes one step out of the way. Now, it comes time to organize!

student writing

This part of dysgraphia is called processing dysgraphia.  The brain loops around and around, and the student can’t seem to get an organized thought onto paper.

Let’s take that step out of the way.  Have the student use your words.  This is called dictation.  By practicing without having to think about what needs to be written and how it needs to be organized, the student can build new neural pathways that will help with the orthographic loop.  So, give your child a pencil and some paper.  Please, use lined paper and help the student line up letters and words on the lines provided.

Then, according to your student’s ability, call off words, sentences, and paragraphs.  This will give the student practice at writing without “thinking” about what to write.  The student’s mind doesn’t have to “loop”, it merely needs to connect sounds and make them into words.

Check for signs of frustration, and if the student struggles with a sound, letter, or word, please just gently correct.

Believe it or not, this helps spelling and reading, too!

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