Auditory Processing Muscle – Build it Up!

Auditory processing problems are vital for academic success, as most of our educators today have no choice but to present lessons in an auditory fashion.  It’s not their fault!  They are overloaded and overworked!  But that does little to help a student who is struggling with auditory processing skills.

boy listening

Just as we “see” with our brains, we “hear” with our brains.  We take in sounds with our ears, but the actual processing of information is done in our brains.

A student who is struggling in this area will have a difficult time “hearing” and processing auditory information that is presented to him/her.   So many things can go wrong with auditory processing, and few people understand what these students are going through or how to help them.

The student might hear his/her neighbor’s pencil as it moves across the paper in a loud, screeching noise. Or, the student may only hear the endings or beginnings of words.

Sometimes the student cannot filter out background noises.  And, unfortunately, this student is often misdiagnosed as having ADD/ADHD. Try to think how hard it would be to focus and understand what is being said if this was on your plate.

And, sadly, a student who struggles with auditory processing problems will have difficulties in more than academics.  Our basic communication sense is auditory.  A student with auditory processing problems will struggle with socialization skills for life if these important skills are not dealt with.  This student will fail to read social cues from peers and will often lash out at others with temper problems out of frustration.

This is so sad when there is so much that can be done to correct these problems!  You don’t have to accept that your child’s auditory processing skills are weak and that he/she will never reach learning success!  Like training for a marathon, students can build up their auditory processing muscle!

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