Another Reading Tip for Dyslexia

Students with dyslexia and other reading disorders have a difficult time moving their eyes across a page of print.  Like I promised, here is another reading activity that you can do at home that is quick, easy to do, and doesn’t require anything more than a book and your cute kid.

Give the student a book. Start with larger print.  Have the student hold the book up and just read the first and last letters of the beginning word on each line and the ending letter on each line.

reading girl

Try to get the student to increase his/her speed.  When the student gets fast at reading just the first and last letters of every line on the book, have him/her read the first and last word.

Next, find a book with smaller print and continue doing the exercise in the same manner.  This will help the student’s eye movement become more fluid so that reading is easier. Fluency and comprehension skills improve because the process of reading becomes easier.

The best part?  Kids think they really have pulled a fast one on you by only having to read the first and last letters of each line.  Cool!


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