Another Great Reading Tip

It’s summer.  Yay!  It’s also the best time to sharpen your child’s reading skills since he/she won’t be tired from being at school.  And cranky!

Here’s a fun activity that will make your child feel brilliant.  After all we all know these kids really are!


Here’s what you do.

Give your child a book. Start with larger print.  Have him/her hold the book up and just read the first and last letters of the beginning word on each line and the ending letter on each line.

After this becomes easy,  have him/her try to increase speed.  Make it a race.  Make it fun! Get a timer and see if times from previous dates can be beaten.  This helps the eyes track across the page easier, a crucial skill for reading.

When your child gets fast at reading just the first and last letters of every line on the book, have him/her read the first and last word.  Continue in the same fashion.

Then find a book with smaller print and do the same thing.  After a while, your child’s reading fluency will improve, and that results in better comprehension.

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