After all these years…

I recently ran into the parents of one of my former students.  Over fifteen years have passed, but I still remember how he was in the fourth grade – his cute face, high energy level, impressive intelligence…and his dismal failure to succeed in school.

When I asked how Trevor was doing, his parents sidestepped the subject, made excuses, and then confessed to their major disappointment in their son.  He graduated from high school but has faltered ever since, jumping from one menial job to the next.  Currently, he’s doing odd jobs and sleeping on their couch.

I felt like crying.  I’m sure Trevor feels like crying on a regular basis.


I remember his mom pulling him from my program years ago while she drove off in a brand new vehicle.

I’m not pointing fingers.  We all do what we have to do.

But, I’m thinking of Trevor.  How his life might have been different if his learning issues had been dealt with at an early age.  Sure, he made enough progress to finish high school.  But anymore, it seems that a high school diploma isn’t enough.

What breaks my heart is that there are a million more Trevors out there, trying to navigate life with a tool box void of the tools they need to succeed.

How can we reach all of the Trevors in the world?  How can we fix them all so their parents burst with pride instead of hiding with shame?

I’m open to suggestion.  It should never boil down to who has the most money.  Or chooses to invest it in their child’s future.

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