A Way to Help Kids Set Goals

Most kids with learning issues have a hard time even thinking about goals. They spend most of their school time just slogging through a day and trying to survive. But goals are important, even if they aren't academic. Sports, nutrition, weight, social, and family goals can be as important as school related goals. It seems that we get so busy in our day to day grind that it's hard to stop and take a few minutes to set goals. That's why I designed a quick goals sheet for your children to fill out. It's easy to use and can help keep your child focused in whatever areas you choose.

I outlined six goals that we typically use with our kids, but you can alter them to meet you and your child's needs. These goals are: academic, school, behavior, social, advocacy, and communication.

Goals don't have to be horrible or frightening and if you make them fun, you'll be amazed once goals are met with ease!

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