A Game for Eye/Hand Coordination

I have found that students who struggle academically usually have poor fine motor and eye/hand coordination skills. As they get older, it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with peers in class, mostly because the students are unable to keep up with the copious amount of notes and written work they must do in a typical school day.

Although this game isn’t a complete fix for these issues, I have our students at Harp play The X Game to help strengthen eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. They love how easy it is, and you can make it a competition against themselves or others, depending on the student’s personality.

The X Game Can Help Children Overcome Eye/Hand Coordination Issues and Poor Fine Motor Skills

Following are the directions of the X Game. If your child is diagnosed with dysgraphia or dyslexia or just struggles to write, then this game can help!

  1. Give the student a piece of blank paper and a pencil or marker. Younger students can use a fat marker or pencil if hand strength is weak.

  2. Tell the student(s) that they are to write as many X’s as possible in one minute. You aren’t looking for perfection here, but to qualify for a legitimate X, two lines must cross diagonally.

  3. Get a timer and set it for one minute.

  4. Tell the student(s) to go and watch the timer.

  5. When the timer goes off, have the student(s) stop.

  6. Have the student(s) count the number of X’s that were made and total them up.

  7. The student with the most X’s wins. If there is just one student, record the number of X’s and see if he/she can beat that score the following day or session.

Happy Xing!

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