A Fun Game for Unique Learners

One of my favorite games for unique learners is Spot-It. This fun, fast-paced game is especially helpful for kids with language and visual processing issues. If you have a child in speech therapy, this game can really help!

And boy, was I excited to see that they’ve come out with new versions of this game. I found ABC’s and numbers for younger learners. There are also themed sets, such as astronomy and religious symbols. There are Pixar characters, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Jurassic World, sports, Care Bears, animals, and emojis to hold different players’ individual interests.

There are numerous ways to play this game, but the premise is that kids (and adults like me) find matches from their cards to that of a central card. There are many symbols on the cards, all of different sizes, so it’s nice for visual discrimination skills as well.

Instead of taking turns, players call out matches as quickly as they can. The first player to make a match and say the name of the match out loud, gets the card. The player with the most cards wins.

It’s so good for students to search into their memory banks for the name of the pictures that match. Sometimes, it’s hard to say the word before someone else comes up with a match, and that’s what makes it so much fun!

You can zip this game up for classroom use or for kids struggling to learn multiplication facts with the “number” set. For instance, instead of saying a match, the students might have to call out the product of 56. Whew, I’m not sure if I’d be very good at this one. Let your creativity go wild with ideas on how to zip up the basic structure of this game.

I love walking in and seeing kids play this game, smiles on their faces as they shout out matches and snatch their cards. It’s even good for them to count their own cards and determine who won the game.

Even better, with so many online games for kids, I love seeing young and unique learners take a break from screen time to think and learn. Even teens, who spend up to nine hours a day of screen time, get a kick out of playing Spot-It.

Give Spot-It a try and watch your child’s language, speech, and visual skills thrive. You can join in for fun!

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