A Fun Game for Math Facts

Okay, so I'm showing my age here! I accidentally ordered a package of "double dice".

If you haven't seen double dice before, as I hadn't, they're just regular dice...with a little die included inside. How nifty is that?

But then, I thought, what am I going to do with these? I stowed them away in one of my grandchildren's toy buckets. The other day as we were playing, I reached in and grabbed them, thinking they had to have some merit. The perpetual teacher I am, I grabbed my grandson, Landon.

He's ten years old and a math whiz (yes, I'm bragging) but I was surprised when he wasn't real quick with knowing multiplication facts. I rolled one of the dice for him and had him multiply the number of dots on the small inner die with the number of dots on the bigger die.

He loved it! He grabbed the dice and rolled out math facts for quite a while...until seven-year old Morgan got her nose cut short.

I rolled with it, telling her she could add the smaller dots with the bigger dots. I let her roll a die, and she was belting out addition facts so quickly I couldn't believe it.

This is such a fun, easy way for kids to learn math facts. I love it because it's visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. They kids see the dots (visual), say the fact out loud (auditory), and must move to roll the die (kinesthetic).

If your child needs practice with math facts, I highly recommend this, because kids have a ball and don't even know they are practicing their math facts. You can have them do multiplication and addition like I did with Morgan and Landon or you can have them subtract the smaller number of dots from the bigger number.

You can then add doubles or even triples to make it interesting once they have mastered basic "double dice" math facts!

Of course, I forgot where I picked up my double dice, but I did a little internet sleuthing and found some on Amazon for about six dollars.

Happy rolling!

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