7 Homework Tips to Save Your Sanity

Is homework driving you crazy?  It’s that time of year for it to plague a family.  I always feel so sad when I hear parents tell me their children have three hours of homework at night.  Or more.  This is after sitting in a desk all day.

To me, it’s obvious why this is ludicrous, but I’m surprised how we all sit quietly and complacently allow our kids trudge through hours of …well, often, hell.

But that’s another rant.  Today, I just want to give you a few sanity savers for homework.  I hope they help.  I have many more that I’ll be sharing.

  1. Use a timer. Tell your child that he needs to get a certain amount of work done in a certain amount of time.  Give more than enough time, and offer a reward when done on time and a consequence, such as less television time, when not completed on time.

  2. Break down the amounts. These kids often get overwhelmed just thinking about the amount of work that they have.  Cover up some of the work or just assign a few math problems or something like that.  When done, give a quick reward and move on to the next shortened piece of work.

  3. For these learners, it is usually best to bite the bullet and just get it done right after school. Transitions, in general, are difficult for them, so if possible, give the student a quick break after school and then start on homework.  If a student with a learning difference gets a chance to get away it is difficult to bring him back.

  4. Although your child might need breaks, this is what makes homework last for hours. Try to power through the homework if possible.  These kids are masters at getting breaks, but it only makes the whole process drag out.  Of course, if the student is frustrated and needs a break, that is different, but try to keep breaks to a minimum, and allow the student to be done and do something fun.

  5. Limit distractions. Televisions, noises, siblings, etc. all draw the student’s attention away from homework.

Give a few of these a try, especially if your child suffers from a learning disability, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, or is just sluggish from the thought of doing homework.

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