6 Tips for Reluctant Readers

If you have a reluctant reader, then you understand the battle that takes place every time your child is asked to read. It doesn't have to be this way.

Following are six tips to help your reluctant reader: 1. Use a reading window to highlight the words your child is reading. They can be purchased at dollar stores or you can make one with an index card by cutting a narrow opening in the center. Your child slides it along and leaves the window open on just the words that are being read.

2. Get an e-reader such as Nook or Kindle. You can find them used on eBay or Amazon at an affordable rate. Set the print to the largest font size available. This leaves only a small amount of print on the page, so your child can focus on just the words shown and not get distracted by other letters and words. As your child gets better, you can increase the font size.

3. While listening to your child read, be sure to use positive comments when correcting mistakes. Correct the mistake, but also add something you like. Also, praise positive decoding and fluency skills. These kids rarely hear anything good about their reading and end up getting turned off to it.

4. Get a plastic report cover and place it over the print the student is to read. Then have the child use a light-colored marker to move over the words while reading.

5. Grab a random book with large print. Have your child read just the first and last letters of each line. This helps train the eyes to track across the page.

6. Be sure your child is using an Orton-Gillingham based reading program instead of phonics based. This will help with decoding and phonemic awareness.

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