5 Tips for Mastering Math Facts

It’s crucially important for kids to have a strong math facts foundation if they are going to easily and correctly do multi-step math computation, work out word problems, and apply formulas.

This is hard to do when visual and auditory memory skills are weak as is usually the case with kids who struggle to learn.

Following are five tips to help your child memorize math facts so higher level math can be easier.

1. Use a tactile substance such as sand, pudding, or cornstarch and water. This helps “set in” the fact. 2. Have the student write out the math facts with different colored markers. This helps keep the right side of the brain “busy” so the left brain can do its work. 3. Get the body involved. Call out math facts while your child is jumping in place, somersaulting, hopping, or jumping rope. Get creative and remember the more fun you make it, the more “buy-in” you’ll get. 4. Be sure your child has mastered one set of facts before moving onto the next. For instance, when memorizing multiplication facts, be sure that all 2’s have been memorized before moving onto 3’s, all 3’s before 4’s, and so on.

5. Use skip counting to set in multiplication facts. This is where you have the child count out loud by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s and so forth. Once again, be sure the student can count by 2’s before moving onto 3’s and so forth.

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