5 Tips for Helping Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia is basically a “dyslexia” for writing instead of reading and spelling. Because there is so much involved in the process of writing, it needs a three-pronged therapy approach. Those three prongs are:

  1. Develop hand muscles.

  2. Strengthen visual motor integration and perceptual skills.

  3. Strengthen the writing process.

Scooping bb’s from one container to another can help strengthen muscles used in writing.So, the first step will be to work with strengthening the hand muscles. This gets tricky, because a lot of activities people have kids do don’t actually strengthen the correct muscles for writing. Following are five fun and easy ways to strengthen hand muscles.

  1. Get a pair of kitchen tongs and have your child hold them as if “shaking hands” with the tongs. The grip is important! Put some rocks, beads, or gems on the table and have your child put them into a bowl one at a time with the tongs.

  2. Get some clothespins and a bowl. Have your child put the clothespins on the bowl with his dominant hand. Once they’re all there, have him take them down with the same hand. Only use one hand – not two.

  3. Scooping is always good. You can use sand, bb’s, coins, or anything with weight. Give your child a scoop or a measuring cup and have her transfer the substance from one bowl to another.

  4. Get some sponges and a pancake turner. Get the sponges extremely wet and have your child flip them like pancakes. The water gives the sponges weight so the hand gets a workout. Once again, use the same grip as described above and have your child use her dominant hand.

  5. Rolling clay with fingers and thumb will also help strengthen hand muscles. It’s cheap and easy to find clay and kids love making creations, which helps their imaginations as well!

This is a great start for helping kids with writing! If your child hates to write, it’s often because someone hasn’t broken the process down for him.

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