5 Great Tips for Summer Spelling Fun!

We’re in the thick of summer, and really, who wants to think about spelling?  Well, if your child struggles to spell, like most kids with dyslexia do, then it’s a perfect time to practice some basic spelling skills.  Even better, you can make it fun.  Following are some ideas you can use to hone spelling skills for the upcoming school year.

  1.   Get spray bottles and put colored water in them.  Call off words that your child will need to know how to spell (you can get grade level lists online) and call them off.  Of course, you will need to be outdoors.  Have your child spell the words with the spray bottle.  (This actually helps dysgraphia as well).

  2.  Get out the markers or crayons.  Provide a grade level list of words and have your child write consonants with one color and vowels with another.

  3.   Find a big roll of butcher paper.  Spread it out.  Give your child tempera paints and a paintbrush.  Have him/her spell words in huge writing with the paint and paintbrush.

  4.   Hone visual memory skills by playing concentration or memory.  Visual memory is an important micro-pathway to the macro-unit of spelling.  By strengthening the smaller skill, you help build up the larger one.

  5.   Play auditory games like Simon Says or Red Light, Green Light to help strengthen the micro-pathway of auditory memory to help the macro-unit of spelling.

Put your thinking cap on, and I’m sure you can come up with some other fun spelling games!


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