A  Few of Our Many Success Stories                                       Aubrey, 1st Grade


I love the Harp Learning Institute and let me tell you why. My daughter, Aubrey, had a hard time from the start. She could not focus on reading or sit still in class.  Every night my husband and I worked with her for hours trying to help her learn to read.  But she just didn't get it.  After struggling in Kindergarten, the teacher felt she should be retained.  We agreed, hoping that the extra maturity would help.  It didn't.  


About half way through 1st grade Aubrey started falling way behind and could not sit and focus for more than a few minutes.  I felt like a true failure because we had tried everything and we weren't able to help our daughter.  Medication didn't seem like the right thing to do, even though we received pressure from the school to medicate her.

Then I found out about the Harp Learning Institute.  Now, after only six months of attending the Harp Learning Institute, AUBREY CAN READ! I finally feel like my daughter has a chance of making it to second grade and succeeding.  So, I would like to say THANK YOU to Harp Learning Institute for helping Aubrey and for helping me!


Cody, 7th Grade

Cody has always struggled in  school, and I thought it was something I was not doing right in helping him to learn. I became involved with his school, working first as a volunteer and then as an employee.  After finding out about the Harp Learning Institute, we thought we would give it a try.  We had Cody tested and learned he most likely had dyslexia.  I talked to the school about this, and they made me feel like I was just making excuses for him. 

Cody enjoys going to his sessions at Harp and  is now learning.  His grades are slowly increasing, and I have noticed such a positive attitude from my son, which I haven't seen in years.  In a matter of months, you have brought my son back to me.  


He loves learning now and is eager to read and write, which he has avoided since he was a small boy and was teased about it at school.  Teachers were always on him for goofing off, and he slid into a mind set of hopelessness. Cody is approaching grade level now and is a competent reader and writer!  I am a very proud mom!

Dominique, 4th Grade




I am so thankful for having found the Harp Learning Institute.  My daughter Dominique was diagnosed in 2nd grade with an auditory processing issue. She presented herself well verbally, but when it came to reading and writing mechanics, she struggled tremendously. To remedy the problem, we were advised to get her some tutoring, which we did.  

But we failed to gain measurable results from the tutoring, and Dominique, who was already exhausted from school, dreaded going.  When Dominique was in the fourth grade, we found out about Harp Learning Institute from a friend and that the training would work to strengthen all aspects of learning—brain connections, sight, and hearing—so where ever there was a weakness, the program would address it.


Soon after enrolling Dominique, we learned that with processing issues, tutoring just goes over the information presented in class in the same manner, does not help the child learn, because if the information didn't make sense the first time it was presented, it's not going to the second, third or hundredth time if it's always the same approach. 

Eighteen months later, Dominique has exited the Harp program and is an avid reader—above grade level in her reading abilities, She is happy and confident and loves school and learning. Her spelling is still rather creative, but it too is improving. The change is dramatic and wonderful! 


  Lauren, 2nd grade



​​My daughter, Lauren, struggled with every academic task she was presented with.  I tried for months to get her to write her letters by buying every type of workbook that I could find.  Finally after about four months she independently wrote her first letter, a perfect A upside down.  This was followed with a B lying down.  At this point I knew Lauren was dyslexic. By the end of Kindergarten, after extensive testing, my fears were confirmed. At this point, Lauren knew all of the letters and their sounds but could not read.  Beginning math was very difficult.

I searched for two years for a program that I felt would help Lauren.  When considering enrolling her in the Harp Learning Institute,  four things stuck out that made me think it was possible this program would help her.
    1.  Lisa Harp had many qualifications.
    2.  It was a program that would help many learning disabilities, not just one.
    3.  Lisa had a son that the program had helped and he was able to go on and be successful. 
    4.  I could start the program, not be bound by a contract, stop the program without any further expense.  This made me think that Lisa was comfortable that her program would help others.

The first month of the program I really had my doubts.  Lauren still could not blend the sounds of letters together into words.  About six weeks into the program Lauren blended her first three letter word together! She looked at her dad and then at me and said, “I can read!”  She was so excited!!  Still, the school suggested that Lauren repeat 1st grade.  I had my doubts as to how this would help her, so decided against it.

A month into the next school year, the teachers were so impressed with the improvement of my daughter that they wanted the program for other students at the school.  By the end of the year she was reading second grade level books and was able to do most of her work independently.  The Harp Learning Institute truly works!


​                                                                                                 Jacob, 6th grade


Jacob has passed another unit test in Social Studies. That's 6 chapters! Since starting Harp in July Jacob has made tremendous improvement in his grades. When he completed the 5th grade last school year, he had 3 D's, several C's, and 1 B. This was disheartening as a parent to see. When I had him tested this summer, it was such a relief to finally know why he is getting those grades. Having dyslexia, dysgraphia, and auditory processing problems is the reason for his struggles and not because he didn't want to do well in school!
In the last 5 months not only is his self-esteem turned around but his grades too! On his first report card that came out in November, He had only 1 D, 2 C's, and the rest were B's and A's!!! Even his teachers complimented him on how much he has improved since his last report card at the end of the school year. He was excited and happy. We don't expect miracles over night, but I also did not think we would see this kind of improvement this quickly. I see for myself and know that this program works.

It is no longer a "learning disability" that Jacob has, but a "learning ability"!
Thank you Harp Learning Institute for giving Jacob back the confidence and love of school back to him.                     ​                                               


                                                                Kevin, 3rd grade


My son, Kevin has been a student of Special Education his whole life. However, by the 2nd grade Kevin still could not read. He has always had a love of books and they are an important part of his life. He would make up stories as he paged through the pictures. We always thought this was cute until one day I was reading a bedtime story to Kevin and when I was done he looked at me and said, "Mom, how do you know what to say when you read my book?" 


I told Kevin that I read the words and they told a story. He then asked, "Are those marks in the book the words?" I knew then that there was a something missing in Kevin's education. We knew he did not know his alphabet completely, We knew he did not know more than 2-3 sight-words, we knew he could not read yet. What we did not know was that he did not understand the connection between letters, words and stories. 
A week later I saw a postcard for Harp Learning Institute at a local business. I had Kevin assessed and we started Kevin at Harp Learning Institute at the end of October 2008. The first ah-ha moment was realizing that even though Kevin worked hard as a student and received a lot of academics, he was not "connected" and therefore he was not able to process  what he was being taught. Harp Learning Institute identified the need to create and deepen the connection from Eric's eyes, ears, and body to his brain.
Harp Learning Institute opened up a whole new world for Kevin. He learned his alphabet by using cross-lateral movements with letters and pictures. He put letters together to make words by blending letter tiles. He learned how to connect his eyes and ears to his brain and to his body through the daily exercises he was taught at the Institute. Most importantly, Kevin learned  he was "smart". He just needed to learn in a nontraditional setting. 
Everything started to come together for Kevin. He not only progressed in academics, he improved in his self-esteem and his peer relations.  Kevin became very comfortable with himself. On March 31, 2009 Kevin read a book by himself for the first time. He had such a feeling of joy, confidence and, yes, even some arrogance. For the first time in 8 years my son knew he was "smart", just like the other kids.  
Harp Learning Institute gave Kevin a priceless gift...the gift of learning, the love of knowledge, and the many magnificent things he can do with it.



                                                                                                Kathryn, 9th grade

Harp Learning Institute has an outstanding program!  I learned that it was developed to help students who are really struggling with school.  My daughter, Kathryn was having such a hard time.  She hated school, and even worse, she really hated reading.  She would fly into rages over it.  I love to read, and I was at my wit's end trying to figure out how to help her.  I went to an IEP meeting with the school one day,and the authorities there told me to prepare to "institutionalize" Kathryn in the future.  I couldn't accept this.  I just knew that there was intelligence in Kathryn and that there had to be a way to fix it.

Fortunately, I found out about the Harp Learning Institute.  Kathryn had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and it affected every moment of our lives.  We couldn't get to school  on time because she had to line up all of her paint containers in a row before we left. The teachers spoke repeatedly to me about this but failed to understand that I couldn't force Kathryn to move if she didn't want to. We were always late for every appointment,

I finally decided to home school her, which was the best decision I ever made.  Coupled with the treatment she received at Harp, she  began to make strides.  It was slow at first, but one day she actually spoke without just parroting phrases.  Soon, she learned the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that go with them.  Her rages lessened, which was the biggest factor of all.  


After a couple of years, Kathryn was looking people in the eyes,talking and communicating, and even better, reading at the 5th grade level.   I realize that Kathryn is still a little behind her peers academically, but she can read, write, do math, and form relationships with her peers!  Even better. she is happy.  I have no doubt that we will continue to make these strides and that Kathryn will graduate high school.  Just like any other teenager!​


                                                                                                           Dustin, 10th grade




Dustin is feeling really good about school for the first time ever.  On the first day of his sophomore year,  he said, "I can't believe I can actually comprehend this stuff!"   

He is motivated to succeed now, as he doesn't see quite as many obstacles as before.  The diagnosis of dyslexia at first set Dustin back, but he now sees himself as just another high school student who can chase his dreams of college and later becoming a sports announcer. 

You have done an amazing job, and I can't begin to thank you enough for changing my son's life.  For the first time, his mother and I are confident that he will not only make it to college, but will shine once he gets there.