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Are you looking for a way to help your child at home?  Do you live too far away for your child to attend one of our premiere learning centers or private schools?   Or, maybe you're a teacher who'd like to supplement activities to help your struggling students. 

We're here to help...all for an affordable price of just $34.95 per month!

The Harp Learning System is now available to everyone! 

Our Complete Online Learning System is affordable, easy to use, and tailored exactly to your child’s specific needs.  After filling out our Parent Evaluation, we customize your child’s learning plan specifically to your child’s needs so progress can be made. 


 With our Online Program, Your Child Will:


  • master the seven basic skills to overcome visual processing problems

  • develop a strong reading foundation through our copyrighted reading program and techniques

  • gain confidence and a higher-level skill-set by building new neural pathways in the brain

  • learn the six methods for learning success

  • master the two major forms of memorization that in turn help every academic skill presented

  • strengthen the three forms of visual motor integration so handwriting can be easy and legible

  • rewire learning so it is an easy, enjoyable process

  • learn to ace tests through our five-point learning schematic that’s been in use for over twenty years with a 98% success rate

  • sound out words and decode words instead of guessing at them

  • become an ace at listening and following directions so a lecture format can be not only tolerated but enjoyed

  • learn the massive set of micro-skills that build up to the comprehensive macro-skills that schools expect students to understand and master

  • learn to process auditory information so frustration can be minimized in a classroom setting and temper tantrums can subside

  • learn independence so homework can be done independently

  • tune out background noise so focusing can take place with ease

A Personalized Program


Once you place your order, you'll receive a questionnaire from us so we can personalize the program for your child's specific needs.  After that, you'll receive an activity each week.  This gives your child time to focus on and master one skill before moving on to the net one that arrives.  You'll also receive a checklist that's tailored to your child's specific skill-set.  This will help keep you organized and give you the ability to track your child's progress.  In addition, each skill your receive has a mini-test, and once the test is passed, your child can move on to other important skills.  

It's a system that's been proven to work for over twenty years!


You'll have a choice on how you want to use the activities and tests you receive.  Most of the activities you receive are interactive if you have a touchscreen computer with Windows 10.  Just download the activity into your computer and let your child work on the research-driven activities that have worked in our learning centers and schools for over twenty years.  

Or, if you don't have access to a touchscreen, you can still use the program by bringing it up on your computer screen.  This has worked for thousands of families! 


And of course, you always have the option of printing the activities and having your child do them right at your kitchen table.  Kids love working with dot dabbers, markers, and the array of fun activities that make learning a breeze!

A few of the activities need your direct involvement, but most are independent activities that will stretch your child or student's learning muscle!











Your Own Schedule

The best part about our online program is that you get to fit the activities into your own schedule and can watch firsthand as your child overcomes learning issues that have plagued you both.  These are simple activities - micro-skills - that are smaller components of the larger, more comprehensive macro-skills of reading, writing, spelling, and math.

"I've done all the work for you," Lisa says.  "I've put over thirty years of research and practical application into this program because I know what it's like to have a child with a learning disability and be unable to help.  And I was a teacher!  There was nothing like this available when my son was struggling with dyslexia, ADD, and a severe auditory processing disorder." 

I am very grateful to Lisa and her program. My son was way below grade level in reading and had been diagnosed with dyslexia and Irlen's syndrome. By using Lisa's program all through the school year, he was able to end the school year at grade level and reading like his peers. Thank you, Lisa, for your program. ~ Christina Edwards


  It's Easier than Ever!

Since you probably  aren't a teacher or a learning specialist, we've made it simple for you to help your child or student.  If you can read and follow a recipe, then you can use our online learning programs!  The first thing you'll do is fill out our copyrighted Learning Evaluation so we can personalize our learning materials for your child's particular needs.  If your child struggles with reading, then we'll focus on that.  Writing, spelling, or math?  No problem. 


After we fit the program to your child's specific learning needs, you'll receive a checklist to work from.  It will contain a list of micro-skills that will fill in the gaps in your child's learning foundation as well as specific academic material presented with a focus on the non-traditional learner's needs.  Then, once a week, you'll receive a micro-skill via email.  Just have your child work on this micro-skill until your next micro-skill arrives.  When your child or student finishes the micro-skills on the checklist,  simply give the micro-quizzes to your child. 

Watch as Your Child's Confidence Soars!


Once your child passes each micro-skills test, simply mark off that skill on the personalized checklist you received and start your child on the next micro-skill.  If your child doesn't pass that micro-skills, that's okay, just keep plugging away at it.  That's actually quite normal and is also how the brain builds new neural pathways.

Even better, all these mico-skills all add up to the bigger components of reading, writing, spelling, and math.  Checking to see if your child passed the micro-skills tests is easy as well.  You won't be reading terrible math formulas or have to figure anything out.  You'll just look at a quick set of guideline and decide if your child is ready to move on. 


Even if you make a mistake and pass your child before he's ready, it's okay.  The skill will come up again, and it will be caught and automatically corrected.  This is called spiraling of skills, and it's the best way to teach kids with learning differences, because they are presented with the micro-skill over-and-over in unique and different ways so it can be fully mastered.  This is different than rote or repetitive learning because your child is given a multitude of different methods and approaches to practice the skill. 




The activities you receive are broken down into easy chunks for your child's learning.  There's a hierarchy to how children learn, so we are simply going back and filling in any gaps that are muddying your child's  "learning water".  Your child might have had a fever or skipped some important milestones when her brain was plugging in important sensory information as a baby or toddler. 


Or, he might have inherited a genetic component that makes learning difficult.  So many things can happen when your child is developing and building neural pathways, but it's easy to go back and fill in these missing pieces through our research-driven and time-tested online micro-skills program. 


In addition, educators have a tendency to forget that all children learn at different speeds and with different methodologies.  Remember back to when your child was learning to crawl, walk, and talk.  She might not have done these things at the same time as your friend's baby or one of her siblings.  


That's because all babies don't develop these micro-skills at the same time.  It doesn't mean that one baby is smarter than the other.  It just means that one baby developed a set of micro-skills before the other baby. 


"Jacey's confidence was the first thing we noticed - it actually soared.  At first, I thought the activities in the program were too easy, but they were perfect for building her confidence and Lisa was right - those little skills built up to bigger ones.  Jacey made the honor roll for the first time ever, and we couldn't be happier! ~Andrew and Jen Lee


 Put Your Child's Learning in the Hands of Experts!

For over twenty years, the Harp Learning System has helped tens of thousands of children, teens, and adults with learning disabilities like dyslexia, dygraphia, dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, and autism thrive academically.  Most of our students reach grade level status (providing they stay the course of the program) or higher within an eighteen-month time period.  It's not uncommon for our students to make the honor roll after completing the program, even kids who were failing or had IEP's.

Lisa and her staff know that time, financial, or geographical constraints can prevent your child from receiving services at our learning centers and schools.  "You shouldn't have to mortgage your home to help your child succeed in school," Lisa explains.  "Our Online Program helps kids anywhere overcome learning issues.  It's easy to do in the privacy of your own home, and even better, it's affordable." 

We feel that all children can learn if presented with the right set of learning tools and shown how to not only use them but master them.  Unfortunately, most programs don't go back and fill in the student's learning gaps with a sequential set of micro-skills and slowly build these skills up.  They hit your child right where she's at and expect her to make progress without addressing the brain, the senses, and constructing a strong learning foundation.  Academics alone won't help a child with a learning disability.  If that were true, then schools wouldn't be struggling to meet the needs of so many children with learning issues.


Or, even if they attempt this, they use a "one-size-fits-all approach" that only takes your child so far.  Your child is unique and needs a prescription of specific, sequential, and individualized activities that will help him build a strong learning foundation. 

Lisa's team of highly trained experts will guide you through the process of helping your child overcome learning differences that take away self-esteem and prevent academic and life success! 

Because You Know Your Child Best 

Nobody knows your child better than you do, so that's just another way our Online Program works.  You know exactly when the melt downs are getting ready to happen.  You can sense the storm brewing before it occurs and offer a quick snack or a break.  You can put just the right amount of time into the program and enjoy this time with your child.

Because the activities are easy at first, your child will love doing them.  This builds confidence and keeps a positive spin on education and learning.  Kids who have learning issues are tired learners!  That's why it's important to focus on micro-skills and keep learning sessions short.  Even better, you can select how and when you want to add the activities into your child's routine.

It only takes about twenty minutes a day to help your child overcome a learning disability.  Beating boring academic information into her head won't help either of you.  That's when the tantrums and avoidance tactics start.  When your child is succeeding, he won't have the need to throw a fit, complain, or make excuses to leave.  And when your child is having fun with learning, then everybody wins!



My son was diagnosed with autism when he was three.  I tried everything from speech therapy to occupational therapy, but he only made small strides.  After using Lisa's program, I noticed changes after only a few months.  Isaac started focusing more.  After that, we could work on his reading skills without a big fight, and he actually enjoyed the reading exercises we got through the program.  He's now only one level below grade-level, but I have no doubt he'll catch up soon.  Best of all, Isaac will read without a blow-up now.  I'm one happy mom! ~ Kathy Peterson

Different than Homework


You won't battle your child to do the activities in our Online Program because they're fun!  Even better, we use a unique approach to learning that's been proven to work for over twenty years.  Kids love it because they're using dot dabbers, markers, movement, color, and a host of other activities that keep their brains and bodies engaged.  If you opt for the touchscreen method, your child will love using screen time to learn.  

When kids are having fun, they lose track of time.  Think about it.  Have you ever had to pull your child away from a pile of Legos?  Or called her in from playing outside with her friends?  Typically, they'll beg for just a few more minutes of play time.  

That's because they were engaged in learning and having fun.  Children are designed to think, grow, and learn.  It's only when they're stifled that they rebel.  And who can blame them?  Schools are antiquated, using a system that doesn't work for non-traditional learners or students with learning disabilities. 

At Your Child's Pace

By using our online program, you'll be able to work at your child's pace, not follow a curriculum chosen by a random school or supposed expert.  You can budget ten minutes a day and still get results.  Or, you can budget thirty minutes a day and get better results.  

The materials are all there and waiting for when your child is ready, not for when a teacher is ready.  You'll be given a color-coded chart that will keep you organized, and when your child is ready to move to the next level, you can give the simple micro-quizzes to see if she's ready.  If not, that's okay.  Have her keep working on the same micro-skills until she's ready. 

That's called skills mastery, and its critically for your child's learning success.  We can't build a proper learning foundation for him if he's not ready to be moved up and skips basic micro-skills along the way!






A Host of Therapies Tied into One Easy Format!

As always, with our Online Learning Program, we offer a complete and lasting host of therapies to help your child overcome learning issues.  Since we don't know your child, we'll start with a parent evaluation that helps us get to know her as well as her strengths and weaknesses.  The first exercises you'll receive will be tailored to her specific needs according to this time-tested evaluation process.  


After we receive your child's evaluation, we'll take a few days to customize the program to his needs. 

Then you'll receive your first activity.  If it seems a bit too easy, don't despair.  It's only one of a set of micro-skills that build your child's learning foundation.  These are the real confidence boosters that will make you hear your child say, "This is so easy!"  


The learning foundation we build for your child is broad - a complex set of micro and macro-skills that will guide him into overcoming the learning challenges that keep him from academic success.

As we build your child's learning foundation, you'll see that we provide a wide gamut of skills.  We'll focus on visual, auditory, and higher-level thinking skills.  We'll introduce critical brain integration activities that will build new neural pathways in your child's brain. 


This, in turn, will make learning an easier process.  These activities are explained in simple terms and are easy for you to understand and for your child to do.  


 A Non-Traditional System of Reading - Based on Sound Research

If your child or student is struggling to read, then our online program is the answer you've been looking for.  Traditional methodologies don't work with kids who are one or more years behind grade level.  Yet, everyone still thinks these kids will learn with the same programs that didn't work all day at school. 


More of the same medicine that didn't work won't cure an illness! 


You have to try something new, something different.  Our online program is based on sound research.  But that isn't enough!  


At Harp, we understand the non-traditional learner.  Reading and school work causes this learner to fidget or to zone out.  She might read words incorrectly, guess at words instead of sounding them out, and  avoid school work like the plague.  This learner is a bright child who should be reading well but when presented with the written word, acts baffled, like he's being asked to speak a foreign language.

He might stare into space instead of answering a question you know he understands.  She's mastered the fine art of avoiding school work and might even be belligerent about doing it.  He might even run away when asked to read or complain about physical symptoms.  Forget about asking this child to read out loud in front of others; you might as well put her in a torture chamber.


These kids are usually verbal and bright but perform poorly in school.  Traditional methodologies won't work with these kids, yet when given the proper skill-set, they thrive.  


 That's why we send you micro-doses of reading skills presented in unique and different ways.  Even good readers benefit from our reading activities.  Your child will cross the vertical midline of the body, use dot dabbers to read, build confidence with phonemic awareness, and make improvements you've only dreamed about.  We use color, pictures, movement, rhythm, and patterns to help your child learn reading skills in a sequential fashion.  Even better, they are all laid out for you, accessible on a computer screen or tablet.  Or, you're free to print off our materials if you want to limit screen time. 


Your child will start with consonant-vowel-consonant words in predictable patterns (providing she knows all letter sounds).  Then, we'll add blends, silent e in a way you'd never dream would work, endings, and finally multi-syllable words.  You'll be amazed at your child's progress as he has fun using dot dabbers and having fun while reading.  Kids will often ask to keep reading...because it's so much fun!


Even better, your child will learn to LOVE reading and learning.  And it's all laid out for you.  You don't have to read difficult manuals and figure out how to "become a teacher".  Your child can do most of the activities without much assistance, so you can be free to do other enjoy your child or student. 

A Complete Learning System


If you want to get a head-start on learning, our Online Learning Program is a perfect match!  You'll receive both reading and our micro-skills, and this is a perfect match for students with autism, dyslexia, or kids who are more than two years behind grade level.  If your child doesn't know letters and sounds, don't worry.  We'll send you a quick and easy way to learn them.  Can't master multiplication facts?  Not a problem.  Lisa's touch and say method has helped kids learn facts in as little as a week. 


Once multiplication facts are learned, the student is free to understand complex computations and formulas.  But like anything, the foundation is crucially important and with poor math students, it usually starts with multiplication facts memorization. 


We've found that once a student understands the language of reading, the rules start applying to writing and spelling as well. Grades in other subjects naturally soar because comprehension is there.  When the student understands what is expected, answers can be given with confidence.  Tests can be aced.  Homework is done without fuss.  Grades rise, and everyone is happy!





I knew Jack was smart, but he struggled to read. By the time he was in the fourth grade, he could barely sound out three letter words.  I ordered the program and we only spent about thirty minutes a day working on the activities.  I was blown away when Jack was reading multi-syllable words only a few months into it.  We haven't completed all the exercises, but I'm going to make sure that we do, because Jack is a different kid.  Thanks, Lisa.  I can never repay you for what you've done for not only Jack but our entire family.~Irene McBride

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