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Lodi, California Tutoring

When you enroll your child at Harp Learning Institute – whether in person or online – you’ll be amazed at how your child’s confidence increases, grades soar, and report cards glow! Our Lodi, California tutoring center has helped tens of thousands of children overcome learning struggles.

There’s no need to let poor grades or a learning disability such as dyslexia, autism, or ADD/ADHD get in the way of your child’s learning success.

Or, maybe your child doesn’t have a learning disability and is just a bit behind in school. It’s easy to make positive changes and reach grade level success – or higher!

Most kids struggling academically are simply unique learners who need a non-traditional program to meet their particular needs. In order to attain academic success, your child needs to be treated as a “whole” not just bits and pieces, and at Harp, we do just that.

Harp Learning Institute is a Lodi, California tutoring center that will help your child overcome learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and autism.

The Harp Learning System

There’s no need for you to spend sleepless nights, fight back tears at parent teacher conferences, or give up hope on your child. Our five-step, research driven program has helped tens of thousands of children reach academic success.

Your child can, too!

Most likely, your child is simply a unique learner!

Let Harp Learning Institute help your child reach learning success with our multi-sensory program.

Unfortunately, most people can’t recognize this and will continue to throw useless programs at your child, thinking the information will somehow magically stick, when the program isn’t geared toward the unique learner!

The reading program that you used as a child won’t work for your unique learner. Your child needs something different. Your child needs movement, crossing the midline of the body, specific brain integration exercises, memory building, sensory (visual and auditory) skills, and academics taught in a way he or she understands – not the other way around.

Our Lodi, California tutoring center has the perfect solution for you! Or, if you prefer online services, we provide that as well!

To start, we suggest that you schedule a Learning Evaluation with us. The Harp Learning Evaluation is just $69.00 and will give you specific information as to how your child learns as well as indications of dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing issues, and visual processing issues.

Although we don’t require a Harp Evaluation, it helps us gather information about your child so we can build a specific, individualized plan for learning success. Once we know where your child’s learning gaps fall, we can fill them in and build a strong learning foundation.

After that, we discuss the results of your child’s evaluation, and form a plan for academic success.

Harp Learning Institute with Lodi, California tutoring helps students achieve academic success.

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore.  As a matter of fact, it should be a fun, easy process.  But sometimes a smart child struggles with the process of learning.  These unique learners are usually bright, creative, articulate, engaging, and loaded with personality. 

But when it comes time to read or write, it’s like speaking a foreign language! Or math evades them like a driftwood floating away on a turbulent tide.

That’s where the Harp Learning System comes in!  Because Harp is based on sound research and systematically fills in your child’s learning gaps, there’s no guesswork involved. Step-by-step, learning gaps are filled in, and from there, grades increase, test scores are raised, and your child learns to “learn” with ease. Tears and frustration shouldn’t be a part of learning.

Our Lodi, California tutoring center is committed to helping your child reach academic success. Even if your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability such as dyslexia or autism, academic progress can be made. So you can sleep easy at night and smile with pride at report card time.

We can teach your child to learn!

“Too many children come to us hanging their heads and feeling terrible about themselves. Many of them feel dumb or stupid, which is heart breaking. There’s no need to make children feel this way – especially about learning,” says Lisa.

Even better, the Harp Learning System is designed with kids in mind, so they have fun.  Your child will be up and out of his or her seat, playing active learning games. And our academics geared for your tactile learner – based on movement and crossing the midline of the body and other learning-related exercises. This means you won’t be fighting your child to go to tutoring!

Let our Lodi, California tutoring center help your child reach learning success.

​Your child might sit on a big ball when coming to our tutoring sessions, because he or she might be full of energy and wiggly. Your child will be up and down, using his or her body to learn, especially in the early levels of the program. For example, your child will jump on a mini-tramp while performing sensory exercises, a big grin spread wide, because learning should be fun! Kids beg to do these activities, unaware that they are based on sound research!

Another activity kids love doing is the cross crawl. It’s fun to get out of a chair and march. This helps to build new neural pathways in the brain, which aids learning! And even better, kids enjoy doing this fun learning exercise because they aren’t just sitting in their seats doing more boring schoolwork!

Another fun, out-of-your-seat exercise we’ll have your child perform is jumping on the mini-tramp or standing on a balance board while pointing at colored arrows on the wall and calling out the directions they face. This helps your child perform more than one activity at a time to prepare them to read multi-syllable words or perform multi-step math problems!

Harp Learning Institute, a Lodi, California Tutoring Facility, Offers Both In-Person and Online Tutoring!

Our Class​ Sessions and Times:

We offer full 60-minute sessions where your child receives direct instruction from one of our trained teachers.  Within this one-hour session, your child will receive academics (taught in a multi-sensory, unique way), brain integration exercises, visual processing activities, auditory processing activities, and memory building skills. 

Our sessions start at 2:30 Monday through Friday. Our last session ends at 5:30.

Our Learning Sessions Include:

  • Sixty-minute sessions
  • Visual processing training
  • Auditory processing training
  • Multi-sensory academics
  • Memory building for skills retention
  • Brain integration activities
  • Micro-skills testing for each skill taught
  • Make-up sessions for days missed


Enrolling your child at Harp is an easy process! Just call: (209)365-0950 and let us know which package works best for you. Or you can email us at info@harpinstitute.com.

You’ll choose a date and time that works best for your child’s schedule. We offer flexible scheduling! That means we’re happy to choose another time to require a onetime enrollment fee of $65.00 to enroll your child in online tutoring sessions.

Lisa hand-picks and trains all teachers.

Harp Learning Institute is a cutting edge  Lodi, California facility that helps children overcome learning challenges.

Online Sessions:

If you live far away or don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, then Harp Learning Institute’s online classes will work! You can have a real, hand-picked, live teacher using the Bravo! Learning System to help your child make academic achievement.

Make-up Sessions:

Since the Harp System helps your child soar academically through a series of over two hundred micro-skills, it’s a lot like training for a marathon. Progress slows with weak consistency. We want your child to build academic muscles, so we offer make-up sessions!

Just call us at (209)365-0950 when your child is ill or you can’t make it, and we’ll happily schedule another day that works for you. Or you can always email us at info@harpinstitute.com.

Brain Integration Exercises: 

Every session, your child engages in brain integration exercises.  These specific, physical exercises new neural pathways in the brain. A brain primed to learn equates to a learning brain.

We use physical exercises like the cross crawl and straight crawl, along with several other sensory-rich exercises with specific eye placement that accesses specific points in the brain. Brain integration exercises are based on sound research and are a key component in helping your child overcome a learning issue.

Children make academic strides at Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California. We use a multi-sensory program to help children reach learning success.

Sensory Skills:

At Harp, we know that if your child is struggling academically, then most likely there are some sensory issues at play. Of course, we recommend our Harp Learning Evaluation to pinpoint these pesky problems, but we’ve built in safeguards to ensure student success without it.

Each level of the Harp System is rich with visual and auditory activities so your child can learn with ease. Most kids with learning issues are weak in visual and auditory memory for starters. When sensory systems are strong, grades increase.

Of course, we have more sensory skills than these two! (Please see our visual processing and auditory processing pages for more information).

These sensory activities are the micro-skills that build up reading comprehension, the ability to reason through math problems, and will show your child how to take notes and comprehend information in a lecture format.

Memory Building:

Each level of the Harp System focuses on memory building. Because of technology and high-speed internet, today’s child is weaker in memory skills than yesterday’s child.  That’s okay! 

We start two-digit memory building, both in auditory and visual arenas, in the first level of Harp. From there, we increase the demand until your child can easily recall six digits, both visually and in an auditory fashion.

There is a reason for this!

Multi-syllable words usually have six or more letters, so it’s important that your child can hold these units of sound and vision in their minds. This, in turn, makes comprehension, fluency, and reasoning an easier process, as your child isn’t stopping to search in memory banks for murky information.

It’s an Easy Process at our Lodi, California Tutoring Facility!

Students soar to academic success at Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California.


Kids who struggle to learn need a different way to learn. The reading program you used as a child won’t work for your child if your child is a unique learner! You need a program aimed at the unique learner, a program that understands how he or she learns.

Continuing to teach your child in a way that didn’t work all day just doesn’t make sense, yet that’s what traditional reading programs and traditional school interventions do.

Giving your child the same reading, math, or writing program that only served to frustrate them all day, won’t fix the problem. Sometimes, more time does help a student, but that’s rare. But having them constantly repeat activities that didn’t help in the first place, won’t make much of a difference.

Not all Reading Programs are the Same!

At Harp Learning Institute, we use the Bravo! Reading System. This reading program was also designed by Lisa Harp, originally for her own son, Nathan, who overcame dyslexia and other learning issues by using the Harp Learning System. ]

In addition, he used the Bravo! Reading System. His reading scores soared and he became an honor student within a year!


Repetition can be a gift…if done correctly.

At our Lodi, California tutoring facility, we use repetition, but only in specific, targeted ways. We have broken down the larger components of academics into smaller, bite-sized pieces. Called micro-skills, these skills are easy for children with learning issues to master. This helps them gain learning confidence, and that, in turn helps grades soar!

Teaching your child to ride a bicycle is the same process. Before your child reaches the state of automaticity, a lot of practice goes into the activity. For starters, you’d first get some training wheels for your child’s bike.

Once balance was achieved, you’d take the training wheels off. From there, you’d hold the bike steady as your child wobbled off, holding your breath the entire time.

Step-by-step, you’d break down the larger skill of riding a bicycle into smaller, more palatable and achievable, bite-sized pieces. At last, your child zooms off without looking back!

At Harp Learning Institute, we make sure that repetition is used only in a micro-skills context. This keeps your child from getting bored. We know that “drill and kill” worksheets and activities only serve to frustrate an already frustrated learner.

Students gain academic success at Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California.

Student Teacher Ratios:

We use small groups to ensure learning and social success.  Our full sixty-minute sessions can have up to three students per teacher.  Students who struggle to do homework or schoolwork independently thrive in this environment where they’re allowed to learn at their own pace, receive positive feedback, and are able to fill in learning gaps.  The best part?  Students love sharing a class with other children. They have more fun this way and feel less isolated and persecuted.

Moving Through the Program:

Students move through the seven levels of Harp at their own pace.  Each level has over thirty micro-skills, and once the student has had ample practice time, a micro-skills test is given.  If your child passes the test, then other skills are focused upon. If your child doesn’t pass, it’s no big deal. He or she just practices some more until the skill is passed.

Micro-skills Testing:

At Harp, we teach to skills mastery.  This ensures that your child’s learning foundation is strong before we introduce new skills.  There are seven levels to the Harp system with 20 to 30 micro-skills at each level.  We use our copyrighted Micro-Skills Evaluation Process to ensure your child reaches skills mastery.  In addition, we’re happy to perform an initial learning evaluation to find out where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie.  

At Harp Learning Institute, a Lodi, California tutoring facility, we help children reach grade level success.

Motor Skills:

The lower levels of the Harp Learning System are ripe with motor skills.  Students perform tasks while bouncing on a ball, jumping on a trampoline, or standing a balance board.  This helps build the lower levels of your child’s learning foundation. 

There is a hierarchy to learning. Children learn from the outside in, not the other way around. Since we’ve abandoned our sandbox kindergartens and hands-on activities in the lower grades of elementary school, learning issues are on the rise.

Due to academic pushing , teachers inadvertently gloss over crucial gross motor skills. Called a learning gap, this makes for a weak learning foundation.

We take care of that at Harp. All while your child bounces and jumps and smiles!

Academic achievement is attainted when you enroll your child at Harp Learning Institute in Lodi, California.

Visual Skills:

In every session, your child engages in a multitude of visual processing skills.  Since 75 to 90% of what we take in is visual, this level is one of our most crucial.  Visual processing skills are what our brain uses to make sense of what we see in the world around us. 

At Harp, we focus on helping your child track his eyes across and up and down a page to help with academic success.  This will affect reading fluency and help with lining up columns for math.  We also focus on skills like visual discrimination, memory, closure, and figure ground.  In addition, we work on spatial skills, eye/hand coordination, visual motor integration, and reversals.  

​Auditory Skills:

Once key visual skills are in place, we move your child to a more difficult auditory skills emphasis.  Auditory processing skills can interfere with more than learning!  If your child has an auditory processing disorder, he or she have temper tantrums or retreat due to intense frustration.   

A child with auditory processing difficulties reveals symptoms similar to those of ADD/ADHD. Misdiagnosed, these children receive medication instead of dealing with the underlying issue. 

Your child will smile when report cards come out.  Harp Learning Institute helps kids overcome learning disabilities.

We take your child through a gamut of auditory processing skills, making sure that mastery is taught, of course.  Some of the auditory processing skills we emphasize are auditory memory, closure, synthesis, discrimination, figure ground, and association.  We also have your child work on listening skills and following directions.  In addition, your child will learn how to tune out pesky background noises so she can focus on the teacher’s lecture or assignment. 

This is truly the Harp Difference!