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Free Help for Letter Blending

The Bravo! Reading Blending Pack is an awesome resource to help your child master letter blending in a fun, easy way.

Unlike traditional reading programs, the Bravo! Blending Pack teaches your child to blend two letters together, not three.

Three letter words can be too difficult for many struggling readers to blend together. And everyone knows, you need to walk before you can run! Unfortunately, too many poor readers are launched straight into a reading marathon without being given the proper toolset.

The Bravo! Blending Pack provides just that toolset so your child can blend letters with ease!

And that toolset starts with blending two sounds together before forcing three down an reader’s already parched throat.

The Bravo! Blending Pack is completely FREE and is a great resource for parents, teachers, or tutors who want to make a difference in a child’s life!

Letter Blending can be Difficult!

Letter blending is especially difficult for children with dyslexia. It’s as though their brains are wired for superhighways instead of small back roads! These kids need it ramped down a bit. They need to walk before they run, drive slow before they speed down that superhighway.

The Bravo! Blending Pack starts children with dyslexia or other learning disabilities right off on decoding two-letter words. This gives them the confidence they need to take the learning leap to sounding out three letter words!

Most kids will naturally learn to blend letters and take a quick jump from two to three-letter words with ease. But often, because visual and auditory memory skills are weak or compromised, kids who struggle to read just can’t seem to put three letters together and form a word that makes sense to them.

This is when they resort to guessing and when that doesn’t work, they blindly memorize words, failing to form a workable strategy for sounding out or decoding words they don’t know.

The Bravo! Blending Pack takes care of that!

By using two different formats as well as two different Bravo! movements, kids master blending two-letter words before being expected to blend three or more.

This only makes sense!

Unlike traditional reading programs, the format for all the two-letter words in the Bravo! Blending Pack, whether nonsense or real, is the same – vowel/consonant. This prepares them for three-letter decoding, which is traditionally in the consonant/vowel/consonant format.

This means the word starts with a vowel first then blends with a consonant. The Bravo! Blending Pack also uses nonsense words so the reader won’t be inclined to memorize words or guess at them. All too often, poor readers make a picture of a word in their minds.

Children with learning disabilities like dyslexia need help with letter blending.  Download Bravo! Reading's free Blending Pack to help with letter blending.

There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s actually a strong reading strategy. For poor readers, though, they form the wrong picture. For instance, these readers might start to read the word “animal”. Sounding it out or decoding is laborious, or they don’t have the skills to do so, so they bumble through the first couple letters then take a stab in the dark at it.

The word “animal” might be read as “anger” or “antidote”.

You get the idea!

This isn’t a strong reading strategy, because there is no real strategy to guessing.

Poor readers need strategies to read in a way that they can understand and consequently find success with.

Example from Bravo! Blending Pack

If you’d like to get going with the Bravo! Blending Pack, just fill out the form below, and you’ll have instant access to this life-changing reading program!